Two years of kicking ass with `Boel op Stelten`

gepubliceerd : 31 October 2012

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Two years of kicking ass with `Boel op Stelten`

And there it was, the 27th of September; the partymakers of “Boel op Stelten” celebrated their 2nd anniversary. A well-known dj was flown in from Germany Dominik Eulberg. Groningen’s rising stars shined behind the decks and Huize Maas was crowded with students that longed for a party. The usual ingredients for an edition of “Boel op Stelten” . Next thing, it turned out in a crazy party that didn’t stop until the dj spinned his last record and the lights went on at 5:30. Everyone got home feeling tired, but satisfied. “Boel op Stelten” did another great job and can now proceed to a third year of great parties in Huize Maas, Groningen.

Two years ago, Milan Meyberg and Freek Bom thought of the concept of “Boel op Stelten”, which is a dutch saying for something like “raising the roof”. Both were students at Hanzehogeschool Groningen. Freek had organized other events in Groningen’s nightlife, in for example the &ZO, but decided that the city needed something new. Since then “Boel op Stelten” hosts a party in “Huize Maas”, a respected club in Groningen, once a month. The parties are open for those who can’t tell you about every subgenre in the techno and house scene, but do know how to party. At the same time, the party-planners make sure that every edition hosts a big name, so that the real tech-heads also make their way to Huize Maas. Olene Kadar, Darko Esser and 2000andOne all entertained Groningen thanks to “Boel op Stelten”.

The parties also hosts a lot of local heroes. Last edition, Groningen’s Milan Meyberg, Freak Strano, Jorn and Arwin Lee took the stage, like they do at most of the parties of “Boel op Stelten. Last summer, there even was a “Rock around the Clock” edition, where Groningen’s local dj’s played for a full 24-hours. “Boel op Stelten” provides a unique opportunity for these talents, as they also organize events in Club Air en Studio 80, well-known clubs in Amsterdam. The forces are combined to make sure the whole world knows Groningen’s music scene!

Thursday the 27th showed that won’t be a problem at all. Huize Maas was loaded and the roof was raised for sure! After a start with some warming-up-beats from the local heroes, the German Dominik Eulberg took off with some real German techno and it showed how the Dutch public loves that taste of music. To polish it off, Joey Daniel played some real bangers. A lot of Groningen’s students are already longing for the next edition where both local talents and big names from abroad will raise the roof!  

By: Tomas Riemens