UK students favour the Netherlands

gepubliceerd : 12 May 2012

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UK students favour the Netherlands

Attracting foreign students to the Netherlands has been a priority for many Dutch universities for quite some time. They aim to create a diverse atmosphere that can only help to improve educational standards. For this reason the Dutch universities organised themselves to make the process for foreign students as smooth as possible. If you’re going to study in another country you would like some help getting around, right? For example, check out the rest of our website, there are tons of nifty tips and there’s valuable information about living in The Netherlands!

Making this a priority paid off. The English newspaper The Guardian reported last year that thousands of UK students are interested in following a study programme in The Netherlands. Dutch universities are also financially attractive, especially after tuition fees drastically increased in the UK. With that in mind, UK students started looking across the North Sea. One interviewee told them he was considering subscribing to the International Relations programme at the University of Groningen. "I think employers will see the value of me having studied abroad and the different experiences and skills I would bring to a job," he says. "I think that learning Dutch, as I would hope to do, would make me a desirable employee." An employer agreed, "It takes plenty of self-confidence, determination and motivation to pursue your higher education overseas. I can't see it doing anything but good to career prospects."

The Netherlands is also a very attractive because of its position in educational rankings. This year only the US and the UK have more universities than The Netherlands in The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2012, which is astonishing for such a small country in comparison. All this resulted in the fact that more and more foreign students come to The Netherlands. No wonder, with good universities, decent tuition fees and all the help a foreigner needs to get around!

By: Ido Venhuizen