New study for creative bright minds!

gepubliceerd : 22 November 2014

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Are you bright and creative? Have you got a broad view? Do you want to study more than one academic field? Then the super new University College Groningen (UCG) might be something for you!

“We are no printers, we do not copy. We are creative and think for ourselves!”  - First year UCG student Chris Stockermans (Canadian father, Spanish mother, born in Japan)

The UCG has just started, but is already known as ‘the Hogwarts of Groningen’: 32 ‘chosen’ bright mindsare taught in the ‘Liberal Arts and Sciences’ (LAS). That might sound magical, but during the course of this study programme at the University of Groningen, students learn to come up with solutions for societal problems.  All of them look from different perspectives (social-, medical-, arts sciences etc.) to tackle these problems and by doing so contributeto a better world.

“It does not matter how small or softyour voice is, every single voice is being heard.” – First year UCG student Marthijn Kinkel (president of the study association Caerus)

The emphasis of the UCG lies on creativity. Every student is able to be creative in his own way. One student is good in mathematics, another writes beautiful poems. Of course, there are students whom are good at everything, but they do not automatically have the most to say during discussions in class. Every student has an equal voice, because of the small-scale education, which perfectly defines the UCG.

As a UCG student you see your fellow students a lot. You follow the same courses and you are even living together in a student house at the Hoendiepskade, which is located close to the building where you take your classes. This does not mean that the students do not meet people outside of the UCG. Two of this year’s students joined a student association, the study association Caerus organizes several events with other student organizations (for instance with debate club Kalliope) and the students go out regularly.

“We hope that we will welcome 100 new students next year!” – UCG dean Hans van Ees

Before you can enter the UCG, you have to go through a selection procedure in which the UCG looks at your grades, English proficiency and social skills (which are being tested). But the most important thing is that you are creative! In order to show that you are the one they should pick, you have to hand in a motivation video. For inspiration: watch Barney Stinson’s ‘Video CV’.

Attention! If you want to study at the UCG you pay 2000 euros more (fee) than regular students at the RUG. Expensive? No! At the UCG you pay 100 to 300 euros less than at other University Colleges. That’s a great deal in Groningen, right?

By Koos Tervooren