He that cannot keep a penny...

gepubliceerd : 15 October 2014

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Shall never have many. The famous stores in the Herestraat and Vismarkt are easily found by every student. But the shopping side of Groningen has much more to offer. And this may as well  even be more fun! GroningeLife! did some research on the less known stores in the city of Groningen. These stores aren’t as big as the famous ones, but they certainly aren’t less special. The reviews shown below will tell you where to go:  

Klinkhamer, antique & curiosa*

Atmosphere: When you step inside the store, you’ll see a lot of glass cases with, well.. things. There is some alternative music playing in the background, and the temperature is just about right.
Assortment: In the store you’ll find daily items such as tableware, picture postcards, old suitcases, jewellery and LPs. But there are also some less daily items in store. There is a glass case with skulls from humans, cats and other species for example. You can buy a stuffed duckling for only  35 euros.
Staff: A man with a beard and a man without a beard talking about antiquities .
Particulars: The shop owners buy antique stuff from customers, so hurry! To the attic of your grandmother and try to make some money!
Perfect for: People who search for collectors-items and have a lot of time to snoop in the store.
Address: Folkingestraat 50

* Curiosa: ‘odd items that that are worth keeping by someone’.


The great number of items makes this shop look rather chaotic and not organized at first. When you continue walking, you’ll become more relaxed thanks to fake flowers, rippling creeks and little fountains.
Assortment: Life-size garden gnomes, a sledge made of pearls, Buddha statues (and a range of other saints), paintings with flying eagles, purses, one lost toilet seat with dolphins and all kinds of other kitsch.
Staff: A sweet Vietnamese woman who says ‘good aftelnoon’ to each customer and is really helpful.
Particulars: Next to the cash desk there is a freezer with a diversity of egg rolls and bapao sandwiches. These are available for only a few cents. You only have to warm them at home.   
Perfect for:
People who want to give their mother (in law), aunt or grandmother a present. And for people who don’t feel like going to the supermarket after this gift shopping.
Address: Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 39

Laif & Nuver

Atmosphere: Cosy.
Assortment: Many wall-tiles with different sayings, an old buck where you can leap over, carpets with cow prints, pillows, cutlery and other retro stuff. You can find everything you need to give your room a final touch.
Staff: A middle aged man and woman.
Particulars: Prices differ from 2,50 for a clothes hook to 449 euros for a huge bird cage.
Perfect for: People who have had it with a certain big Swedish chain store which is known for their furniture and meatballs. In short: it’s perfect for people who want something different.
Address: Vismarkt 40


When you enter the store you are overwhelmed with serenity. The penetrating smell of lavender and the sound of meditation music combined with calm colours, make you think you’re in a temple in Timbuktu.
Assortment: Books that help you find your inner self, yoga rugs, beautiful jewellery with huge rocks, hand-made clothing, scarfs from distant lands, pillows and statues with different religious meanings. 
Staff: The staff is an embodiment of serenity and is very helpful. The only negative point was a smoking employee at the entrance of the store. But then again, she did it in a serene way.
Particulars: In the centre of the store there is a serene place where you can just sit and enjoy the peace.
Perfect for: People who try to escape from the overcrowded city and are searching for items which consist of natural materials. 
Address: Vismarkt 48

2 sell Used products 4 sale

The entrance of the shop is not that special. It looks like a regular electronics store with a lot of glass cases. The music you hear playing in the background is way too loud.
Assortment: Laptops, tools, televisions, cameras, watches, radios, games and a German flute. Everything used, or sometimes new. Check the label. 
Staff: Very kind. We asked the girl behind the desk about the selling procedure of the products. She answered really generous and even gave us a brochure!
Particulars: You can buy electronics, but you can also sell electronics. They will  estimate the value of your products and you will receive the estimated value in cash.
Perfect for: People who want to score some cheap electronics or still have some working old gadgets on the attic. 
Address: Oude Ebbingestraat 49

By Beppie van der Sluis