The Netherlands has a high standard of medical care, but the procedures and arrangements might be different from your home country.

In the Netherlands a general practitioner (GP) or family doctor is called a 'huisarts'. GPs can be visited during consulting hours, after making an appointment. Both Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen have their own doctor’s practice at the Zernike complex. More information about registration and opening hours can be found at Of course you’re not obliged to sign up at the Zernike doctor’s practice, you can also look up a doctor in your own neighbourhood.

Medicine & specialists
Medicine can be bought at all pharmacies, but keep in mind that you need a prescription from the doctor for most of the medicines. Dutch doctors however do not always automatically prescribe medicine. Reclaiming the paid money for prescribed medicine is done through your own health insurance. Should you need to see a specialist, you always need a referral note from your doctor first. Only in case of emergencies, you can visit the hospital directly or you can dial 112.

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