Public Sports Facilities

There are plenty of ways to release some energy in Groningen. Practicing sports can be very serious and competing, but just throwing or kicking a ball can be just as fun. In Groningen we know that living in a city doesn’t mean you’re not able to exercise outdoors. While there are many sports clubs especially for students, it’s also possible to use some of the public sports facilities to practice your game.

For starters, throughout the city there are numerous basketball courts. While we’ve seen them being used by children to create the most marvelous chalk drawings, they are mostly used by students and local youth to play basketball (surprising isn’t it). New York’s streets may be famous for its youth playing basketball; in Groningen we know how to dunk as well.

In the same category there are also public football courts to be found. They are usually not as large as official football fields, but they are perfectly suited for you, your friends and a football. Also get the urge to hit an ace when seeing grand slams on the television, even if you never play tennis? Try it on one of the public tennis courts in Groningen. Just as the football courts they are free to use by everyone!


Some sporting activities don’t need a special court to be practiced. They require just a field of grass, found in one of the many green areas in Groningen, or even better, a whole park . People from all over the city use the park to exercise; many can be seen running and walking through the park. We’ve even seen Frisbee tournaments being held in there!

When the sun is shining you can pretend you’re in France when walking past a pétanque court in Groningen. This Mediterranean game is even played here up north. Or go to the Hoornseplas (Lake Hoorn) in the south of the city. During the summer months students flock the shores of this lake by the hundreds to swim, rent a boat, or practice one of the sports mentioned above on the green fields by the lake. Just do it, in Groningen.

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