De Kast Horror House

De Kast opens its doors again, but this time not for fun: there’s a demon on the hunt.

From october 26 t/m 31 De Kast will be transformed to a Horror House:

In the summer of 2018 it began. More and more people are missing from Groningen. 
"It began with whispering and then I saw her, black hair, white dress and that terrifying look in her eyes". 
She comes out at night and the hunt has begun. She drags her victims into her hiding place. Do you dare to go into her hiding place? But look out, before you know you become just like her, a demon!!

The event is organized by Warrior Events, tickets are for sale for €7,50. If you dare to enter the house at own risks, you can get your tickets here.

If you’re curious about the event, check this Facebookpage.


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