Freedom Festival

May 5th is the national holiday where we celebrate the liberation of World War Two. We call it Bevrijdingsdag, what is translated into Freedoms day. On this day many activities are organized to celebrate and one of them is Freedoms Festival in the Stadspark.

At this festival you can find many stages with lots of music. The line-up is diverse with small, big and also local names. Some of the international performances this year are from Tom Walker and Crystal Fighters.  

Besides the music there are many activities for young and old. Around 16:55 there is the special 5for5 moment. During this activity we are taking a moment of silence together with all the other Freedom Festivals in the country. At this moment we are thinking about the fact that we can celebrate together in freedom, but also about the other places in the world that don't have this privilege. 

If you like to know more about this festival, you can check the website for more information, as well for the complete line-up and program.

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