Hanze Pre-Welcome Day

For non-EU students, Hanzehogeschool organises a Pre-Welcome Day the day before the Welcome Day where they can arrange things related to immigration, municipality registration, residence permit and TBC matters.

Non-EU students who have picked up an MVV visa sticker prior to their arrival in the Netherlands, will receive their residence permits during the Pre-Welcome Day programme. They will also undergo a TBC checkup and they will be registered as citizens of Groningen. Students from South Korea can take a TBC checkup, register as a citizen of Groningen and have their biometric details taken. All other students from non-EU countries except for those who will apply for a WHS permit, must register as citizens of Groningen and have their biometric details taken. You will receive instructions on what to do in order to receive a residence permit during the day.

Sign up for the Pre-Welcome Day at Hanze.nl

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