KEI-week 2018

A tradition in Groningen for fifty years: the KEI-week! Each year there's a week long party in the city during the Netherlands' biggest introduction week, with over 5000 freshmen attending to get to know Groningen and each other. Don't be mistaken though, this week is a lot of fun for anyone, students and non-students alike.

This year's theme is Destination KEI: your ticket to gold. Thanks to the capable KEI-board we'll have another week with a diverse programme. As always, the first day is all about the first meeting. At one of the KEI-leader's homes members of a KEI-group will get to know each other during dinner, which will evolve into the first crazy night of partying at The Grand Opening.

During the week there'll be other hightlights you cannot miss, such as the ultimate sing-a-long event Night of the Songs, where KEI-week regular Groove Department will perform hit after hit, or the infamous Pub Crawl where many a freshman will experience the limitless opening hours in the nightlife jungle of Groningen. And like each year you can top it all off during the Final Party on Friday at Kardinge. 

If you want to experience more than just the nightlife, there's tons of other events you can attend that cover all aspects of student life. Learn about the huge amount of student associations during the KEI-parade, or find out how to do more than just studying at 'KEI to your future'. At the Sportplaza at ACLO you will come across a whole bunch of student sports clubs big and small, and at the always playful Love, Lust & Lounge you can learn everything about the temptations of sex, drugs and alcohol.

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