International Associations

In Groningen there are more possibilities to enjoy student life than you can imagine. Apart from the professional help of the International Offices and the skilful organisation of ESN-Groningen, there are much more helpful associations to be found.

Several of them provide help for specific groups of students. The Chinese Students Associations Groningen has guidebooks explaining in Chinese how to get around in Groningen, take the bus, what all traffic signs mean, which laws to obey in public, in short: everything a student arriving fresh from China needs.

The Indonesian Students Directory provides contact between Indonesian students in Groningen and all over the world. They offer a forum for sharing essays online and to place articles for all members to read. This way all members profit from each other’s experience. The Groningen Indian Student Association does this all for Indian students and organises extra activities like Indian Dance nights.

The Facebook page of the Association for Latin American Students Groningen shows how useful such an organisation can be. Furniture is being resold, salsa dance nights are promoted and members arrange meetings to explore Groningen’s nightlife.

Or maybe you are more interested in developing a specific skill or interest? The following associations are open for everyone coming here.

The Groninger Debating Society Kalliope is the place to be for everyone who is not afraid of a good discussion. They offer English evenings for international students, this helps some of them to practice their English and others to practice their debating skills, or both! SIB, the association for international relations, organises congresses, readings, excursions and other activities with special attention for international relations. In the same style, but with a more specific approach is the association TEIMUN, The European International Model United Nations. They could introduce you to the inner workings of this truly global institution.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, come to Groningen and join the association which fits your needs!

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