A Guide to Martial Arts in Groningen

A Guide to Martial Arts in Groningen

20 June 2019 by Bianca
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Do you want to be able to defend yourself? Do you want to boost your self-confidence? Do you use physical activity to reduce stress and relax? Have you ever thought about participating in a proper fight? If you answered yes to at least some of these questions, you might be interested in the martial arts classes either at ACLO or at Deltaserat, which is an association at ACLO offering high-quality martial arts and self-defence classes.

Krav maga is a sport I have been loving ever since I started pursuing it 8 years ago. (Krav maga is a hybrid martial art; it is a military self-defence and fighting system developed for the Israel Defence Forces, which combines techniques from boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, karate, and actual fighting). After moving to Groningen, one of the first things I did was checking out whether there is a krav maga course. To my surprise I didn’t only find a krav maga class but also other kinds of martial arts. Deltaserat offers krav maga, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, grappling, and many more courses. There are beginner and advanced classes, as well as sessions for women. Are you already getting nervous? I know it can be scary to try out fighting, but once you get the hang of it and once you find the type of martial art that suits you, it’ll benefit you greatly. It will not only enable you to defend yourself, but it’ll also improve your health and physical fitness, and in turn it’ll boost your self-confidence. Martial arts classes are after all about YOU feeling good in your own body. The more experience you have, the more confident you’ll feel.

At Deltaserat, you are taught the right technique from the very beginning. The teachers and also the members are helpful and patient when it comes to helping out ‘the fresher.’ You can join in and try out a couple of sessions just to make sure that this is something you are interested in. The classes are an hour and a half long and they usually start with a half an hour intense warm-up session, then you move on to learning new techniques, and finally to actual fighting. If you are not sure about committing to a full course, an hour and a half class gives you a helpful introduction.

If you fall in love with the sport, you also have the chance to start competing. I have to be honest, this is has never been something that I was interested in, but the opportunity is there if you are keen. What I love most about this system is that you can decide how much you want to commit. As I mentioned before, you can either just try out a couple of sessions and get an introduction to martial arts or you can sign up for a five-week-long course. And if you have become fascinated with this type of sport, you can become a member of the association, which means that you can attend as many classes every week as you like.

If I managed to awaken your interest in joining one of the courses, then check out the schedules either at ACLO or at Deltaserat and book your place!