Doing the Diagonal

Doing the Diagonal

31 December 2014 by Blog talent
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In my last blog, I gave you a rundown of Groningen’s different restaurants, the sort of places you might take your family or go on a date. This entry covers a different sort of food establishment.

Take your date here and it will probably be the last you see of them.

FEBO is a Dutch fast food chain, serving fries, drinks and hamburgers to their hungry – and often drunk – customers.

But what sets FEBO apart from the average greasy spoon is the way you buy your food. Rather than waiting in line to be served, you grab your grub from a series of little boxes on the wall.

FEBO is a gigantic junk food vending machine. You browse the food wall, looking through the little glass screens for something that catches your eye. Roll your loose change into the slot provided and voila, dinner is served.

Aside from fries and hamburgers –international fast food classics – FEBO has a range of Dutch alternatives. The hungry Dutchman may treat himself to a veal croquette, a frikadel or a cheese soufflé. He might even fancy the mysteriously named samurai burger.

The even hungrier Dutchman may be up for a challenge: doing the diagonal, eating your way from the top left corner of the food wall to the bottom right.

Not for the faint-hearted – or stomached – the challenge involves eating your way through around ten FEBO dishes. FEBO’s food wall is organised in columns, with a specific dish in each of a column’s food holes. The only rule for challengers is that they must eat a dish from every column. So no skipping the egg ball!

Yet FEBO is not just a haven for food daredevils and hungry drunks. It is as fast as fast food gets and is a cheap and convenient way to plug that hole in your stomach.

Picture: Alix Guillard

By Owen