Groningen in a Snapshot!

17 November 2013 by Blog talent
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What would Groningen looked like in a snapshot? Most pictures of Groningen are the scenery of the canal or the lively city. But here I would like to explain more how it felt like to be in it, to be part of this city, and how I felt about it.

A couple weeks ago I took a picture with a self-made pinhole camera for a laboratory project. It was a group project and we made the camera from a shoebox and a photographic paper. Both of us are excited because we never had this project in high school like some people do. Some of them chose to make liquid crystals which was also amazing! It looked like a thin glass with rainbow in it. Of course, there were still lots of other interesting projects offered by the university.

Back to my group project, we were allowed to take any pictures we wanted to. That time was the beginning of my first autumn in my life. So my partner and I decided to take a picture of trees with beautiful red leaves and... we successfully failed. It was really hard to take a picture with that camera, the exposure time was just never right and the developing process in the dark room was never right either. However, still, it is amazing how a simple shoe box can took a picture like that.

I present you the results! The right bottom picture should have been a picture of trees and next to it should have been a scenery of the Zernike campus. The most clear image was the upper right one, it was taken on the staircase of Nijenborgh, Zernike.

Similar to the shoebox, I can capture the moments of my life in this amazing city, Groningen. The moments that I experienced were simple everyday life events yet heartwarming. I got to meet a lot of people from all over the world in this small city. For instance, last week my housing had an international dinner, it was an event where everybody cooked a dish from their home country and then all of us got to try different kind of dishes from all over the world. Both my roommate and I are from Indonesia and we cooked deep-fried bananas which is a popular snack in our home country. There were all kind of nationalities that evening; Indonesian, Mexican, Russian, British, Irish, Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Germans, Polish, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and the list keeps going on.

Deep-fried bananas, a popular snack in Indonesia

Not only this kind of events, I got to befriend with people from different cultures! It is very fun to share each other’s culture. In addition, this city has different kind of restaurants that my friends and I can try. Once, all of us went to an Indonesian restaurant ‘Toko Semarang’, and it was exciting where I got to let my friends taste Indonesian cuisine.

In short, what would I describe Groningen in a snapshot? It would be a colorful indescribable picture where all different kinds of culture meet together and you got to experience everyday life in different new ways. Last but not least, the best thing is I am a part of that picture.

By Natasha