How to get to University?

How to get to University?

31 January 2014 by Blog talent
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How to get to University?

The campus of University of Groningen is kind of spread out in the city and whether you will be studying in the centre depends on what you will be studying. 

However, no worries, you can get a BIKE and cicle everywhere within 20-30 mins! When I first got to Groningen I was so shocked at the numer of bikes in the streets and how people were cycling everywhere. Also, Dutch people are SUPER TALL, therefore bikes are HUGE. Cyclists seem prioritised more than anyone (drivers and walkers) and people cycle as if they were driving a car.

But once you get used to it, it is quite nice to be able to go anywhere by bike. First of all, it is environmentally friendly. And it is quite refeshing to go around by bike.

You can get a bike at a shop of course but also there are bike markets where you can buy a second hand one. Used ones are really reasonable and most of them are in good shape.  

If you live near the city centre and your campus is close to where you live you might not need a bike as Groningen is a small city and nothing is that far. But you can always sell your bike when you leave Groningen so it might be a good idea to get one and enjoy cycling around while you are there!Also, buses are available if you live far from the city centre/campus. 

Do not forget to always lock your bike though! :-)

By Yoko