What Makes Groningen a Student City

29 September 2014 by Blog talent
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Lately, I’ve been traveling to different cities every weekend; to visit friends, enjoy a different city vibe, or simply bring my new friends to explore the Netherlands. After weeks of consecutively traveling, I can say that Groningen is...

It’s been a few weeks since the start of the academic year. New faces are all around the city and I would like to congratulate all of them, they made the right choice to come here. There are plenty universities spread around the Netherlands, but Groningen is the perfect place for students.

It was always dark or almost midnight whenever I got back to Groningen since it took hours from the other big cities. The city seemed quiet at first with its simple old buildings. Nevertheless I always see students enjoying their night life; riding their bikes, the flashy lights from the Kebab store, singing voices from the end of the street. Not all cities are like this. Some instead have huge tall buildings, without the same young spirit looking forward to a good time. Not every student in other cities experience the real student’s night life.

On the contrary, when I arrive in other cities, I can already feel the difference there once I stepped out of the train. I saw different faces in a different atmosphere, it’s no longer a student city. Most other cities are big or industrial cities. It does not have the same spark as Groningen. Groningen is truly a city for students, from students. Which meant that the students themselves are the ones that create the fun activities, the perfect and lively atmosphere, the unforgettable experience - for all the students in Groningen.

I bet everyone new here is enjoying their first month in this great place. Keep looking forward to all the things Groningen offer!

By Natasha

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The lively city vibe of Groningen