Coffee is a social thing

Coffee is a social thing

21 December 2017 by Camila
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Different countries have different ways of making socials with family, friends and strangers. While the concept behind socializing differs from culture to culture, to most people it entails a moment of shared activities. Sharing lunch in a park, going to the movies, even cooking meals. In my case living in the Netherlands, I think coffee is the thing, or the activity which brings people together.

The act of meeting someone for coffee can be considered an invitation to get to know the person better, an invitation to talk things over, an invitation to plan a trip and even an invitation to expand your social circle! Don’t worry though- if you are not a coffee lover, there’s no room for exclusion since tea here is also well welcomed. To my perception, coffee dates are popular here for two reasons. Reason number one being winters- they are long, dark and it can get extremely cold. What helps? A cup of coffee. Reason number two has got to be related with the AMOUNT of cafés in every street here in Groningen specifically! Now, that was something which caught my attention when I first got here. Last but not least, there are times I feel like whichever coffee I order is great most of the times; do all cafés serve Italian coffee? We’ll never know, but what’s for sure is that coffee time here is not only a social thing but also a great way of getting off whatever couch you are sitting on and walking the city for a bit.

To wrap this up, here’s a list of my top three favorite coffee spots:

  • Beans & Bagels: going there and not trying the Matcha Latte should be considered offensive
  • No.25: great service, great coffee and great cookies!
  • Cappuvino: the fanciest café in Groningen with insta-worthy lattes served in a wine cup. How stylish is that?