Easy How to: Beat the Winter Blues

Easy How to: Beat the Winter Blues

02 December 2019 by Camila
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The change of season takes a toll on all of us differently. However, winter seems to be the season that affects most of us; shorter days, getting up when the sun isn’t even out yet, flu, feeling low on energy and the list goes on. If you are looking for a way to kick that lethargic and irritable feeling caused by the weather, you’ve clicked on the right blog! I want to share with you seven easy tips and tricks to beat the winter blues. Take note:

1) Surround yourself with light- literally

If you know that darkness affects you generally and since days are actually shorter, how about decorating your room with soft, warm lights? It creates a cheerful yet relaxed environment where you can easily feel motivated to continue studying or to invite your S.O over for a cup of hot choc.

2) Eat whole foods

Now, I am not here to lecture you on how bad processed foods are for you, or how unhealthy is artificial sugar but, I am here to shed light on one truth: eating natural, whole foods is proven to improve our mood. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, boost production of dopamine and serotonin. Dark chocolate reduces stress due to flavonoids called antioxidants, so a tiny square or two will do the magic. Lastly, bananas will fuel you with potassium and give you the kick of energy you need to get moving. Avoid sugar-loaded food, eat your greens and other colors and you’ll see how your mood changes for better.

3) Get moving!

Yes it can be very cold outside and yes, the rain can be annoying to bike anywhere, but trust me: you will never not feel good after a workout or after getting some exercise squeezed into your day.

4) Make music your ally

Even in the darkest, coldest, rainiest days, music can boost your mood for better. How about creating a playlist with your best upbeat songs and let the playlist do its magic while you cook? I bet pasta tastes better when cooked in a good mood ;)

5) F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Well, I am not talking about the series (although it’s super applicable too) but I am talking about your actual friends. Meeting with a group of people or close friends with whom you enjoy spending your time with, has even more benefits than going to the gym often (not scientifically proven, just my humble opinion J). Arrange a movie evening, a coffee date, a cinema night, a weekend or day getaway or even just a simple gathering at your place to cheer up your environment!

6) Your time is currency, spend it well

This subtitle may be a bit metaphorical but at the end of the day, it speaks the truth. Use your time well- and this applies for all season- but when you plan your day, wake up early and seize your activities, you feel much more productive and thus your mood improves.

7) Wake up early (or earlier)

You know the saying “early bird, gets the worm”? Well, in this case, the early bird gets most of the sun! I promise you that making the most out of your mornings will increase your energy levels, will improve your mindset and will make you appreciate the day even more instead of just letting time pass by until bedtime.