Market perks, for both your health and wallet!

Market perks, for both your health and wallet!

29 October 2019 by Camila
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Groceries. You either love or hate doing them. Am I right? Well, chances are, if you clicked on this blog it means you want to know about the “market perks” and hence, you actually enjoy doing groceries. In this blog, I not only want to emphasize on the importance of planning your groceries buys, but also on the benefits of shopping at the local farmers Market here in Groningen.

Regardless of the studies you are doing, be it a Bachelor or Master, we all tend to be quite busy during the week, and planning for our daily meals seems like an impossible mission. Ordering food as a quick fix might be a temporary solution but, have you ever felt the need to have a homemade, healthy meal after a while of your daily “Thuisbezorg”? No shame, we have all been there. Not everyone likes or knows how to cook though, and I completely understand that but what if I helped you find a way to make cooking better or to even get you to enjoy going grocery shopping? First things first: plan your groceries. Unless you’ve never been grocery shopping on a very hungry stomach and ended up buying double the food than you actually needed, this tip might seem obvious. Whenever you know exactly what you need to buy,  you save time and obviously money, but I’ll get to that in detail later! Also, if you make the habit of planning your groceries, you will come across new ideas about what kind of meal to cook. For example, if your grocery list includes eggplants or zucchini, you can search up recipes which use eggplants as a main course. Ever heard of rice-stuffed eggplants? They come out great and are so easy to make that even a kid could do it.

Supermarkets are bombarded – or better yet- bombard us with marketing advertising making us lose complete focus of what we need to buy. By no means am I saying that supermarkets are bad or they charge us ridiculous prices (some do, anyway) but what I am in fact saying, is that sometimes we simply do not think that supermarkets aren’t the only place where we can buy most of our goods. Buying from the market teaches you one important rule: different seasons grow different crops and goods. If you visit the market frequently, you may have noticed that some fruits or veggies come and go according to the season- isn’t that nature speaking, in a way? Nature is wise and it provides us with the nutrients and vitamins that we need in any specific time of the year. Isn’t is a bit strange that supermarkets sell mangoes during autumn when it’s actually a summer fruit? There you go, knowledge is power. Next time you pick your veggies and fruits, ask yourself whether they are in season. Another market perk is that you can talk to the person in the stall and learn more about their produce; where their products come from and how they take care of their crops. I think a farmer’s job is quite underestimated to be honest and we can learn so much from them. Two weeks ago, I bought a full bag of groceries worth 9 euros in total. What did the bag have? One small pumpkin, half a kilo of grapes, two zucchinis, two eggplants, one carrot, one kilo of bananas, two sweet potatoes and half a kilo of tomatoes. How is that for your weekly groceries? I think it’s great!  Lastly, one of my favorite benefits of going to the market, is walking and getting fresh air. It’s a beautiful way to break the routine for a bit, a give your busy head a peace of mind and forget for a few minutes about all the ‘to-do- lists that you may have pending.

With all this said, give the farmer’s market a chance and see all the benefits by yourself!