Mini Travel Guide: Rotterdam

Mini Travel Guide: Rotterdam

01 November 2017 by Camila
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As the weeks go by, between university and social life, I forget that Groningen is actually a small city and so is the Netherlands as a whole country! European countries are all somewhat close to each other, if not a few literal steps away. Thus, visiting different countries and cities is nothing but an easy 'choose-a-date' process, which of course, happens thanks to the great train system around the continent. Studying in a city inhabited by young, wanderlust-driven students where commuting between cities for the day is more than common, I usually get this urge to take a train anywhere and embody the meaning of ‘bird of passage’. If you haven’t heard that term before, then you probably are not that into traveling as you thought.

Us students, tend to complain about not having enough time for either going to the gym, cooking something else aside from pasta, hanging out with friends etc. In fact, we claim not having time for anything, yet Thursdays are sacred going-out days, cafés are packed with young motivated essay-writers and gyms might even have waiting lines of energized students waiting for one treadmill to become available. So, are we professional ungrateful complainers or do we actually not have time at all? If you answered this with the first option, bingo! If you are still wondering why you have been eating pasta, or ordering pizza for the last month or so instead of chopping up a few vegetables and tossing them with chicken, then you might want to polish your time management skills (and save some money). Alright, just kidding, but we really do have more time in our hands than we think. Traveling is one of those activities you should, must, ought to do; it’s renewing, a routine-breaker and most of all, fun.

To help you break your routine and get a train ticket without second thoughts, here’s a mini travel guide of one of my favorite cities in the Netherlands – Rotterdam. The trip was lovely and the train ride did not feel like three hours whatsoever. What is more, those three hours in the train resulted incredibly productive since I got creative and drafted this post which hopefully comes in handy.

These following places are a must:

  1. Markthal – the biggest indoor market in Holland with a ceiling covered in 4000 beautiful painted tiles.
  2. Cube House – the name is pretty self-explanatory but the architecture involved here is one of a kind!
  3. Erasmusbrug – this famous bridge (which resembles 'Puente de la Mujer' in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires) connects the North and the South of this cosmopolitan city. Due to its majestic profile swan-like shape, it has been nicknamed as 'The Swan’.
  4. Witte de Withstraat – this is the best street to have a drink at any of the terraces or grab a hipster lunch by the King Kong Hostel patio.

Although the list seems basic, each place I’ve mentioned does take up quite a few hours if you tour it properly. Nonetheless, your visit won’t be less memorable if you skip one of those four places, but from my experience, they all have something unique to offer.

Camila Di Sisto