Routines in University?

Routines in University?

01 April 2018 by Camila
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Some weeks ago after a relaxing and long weekend, I was biking to university thinking to myself “back to the routine”. Something made me question my own thought. As university students we don’t really follow something you would define as a routine; that’s what I followed while still in high school! Wake up at 6am, put on my uniform, quick breakfast, check if I had all my books in my backpack, go to school, come back home, do my homework etc.

Once you are over you school years, many things start changing perspective, comfort zones are left behind, and concepts like routine obtain a completely different meaning. By definition, a routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed. If you are still in university and around your 20+’s , I invite to answer something very quickly, is there a specific “sequence of actions you follow regularly?” If you answered yes,  think again and actually try and find the similarities between the routine you followed before university and now; found any? I thought so.

Now, if you answered no, you are probably thinking “isn’t going to my faculty a routine itself?” I wondered the same at first, but I then came to the conclusion that it isn’t a routine- at least not how I consider it- since I don’t have class every day and my schedule varies depending on the day of the week.

My aim with this blog post is not to make you question yourself whether you should be following a routine or whether you are ‘adulting’ well, instead, I hope to be giving you a peace of mind reminding you that we shape our own meanings of routine; whether you attend your classes, that is up to you. Whether you prioritize 5 or 8 hours of sleep daily, that is up to you and whether you build an enjoyable sequence of actions followed regularly- that is also up to you. In the end, and like most adults surrounding us say “this stage(university) in our lives is about enjoying, learning and striving towards our best versions” why let that be ruined by the fear of not following a so-called routine?