How to: Make the world a better place without doing anything special

How to: Make the world a better place without doing anything special

14 May 2019 by Carmen
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Do you ever read, watch or listen to the news and feel like everything in this world keeps getting worse and something has to be done about it, but you don’t have the time/money/ideas/… to do it yourself? Here are some great ways how to help the world becoming a better place that don’t cost money, and only require the tiniest amount of time and effort!


You might have heard of this search engine before. It uses more than 80% of the money they earn with ads to plant trees in countries like Uganda, Madagascar, Sumatra and Indonesia, but also in Spain or the US, and in February 2019, they reached 50 million trees planted!

But ecosia does not only plant trees, they also are completely transparent regarding their incomes and expenses, and they don’t store your searches permanently, so your data is safer than with other search engines.

Their search algorithm isn’t as good as google, however, try using ecosia as search engine on your computer, but also on your phone and on any other technical devices first, and if you can’t find an answer to your question, you can still check out google!


Geksi is another search engine donating parts of its income to a good cause. However, geksi is not focused on trees, but on social projects. This search engine was only founded in 2018 and is mainly focused on german projects, as it is located in Berlin and Freiburg in Germany. This location also leads to strict regulations regarding data protection and full-on transparency about their financial structure.

Amazon Smile

If you use amazon, you might have been asked by them to choose an organization to give 0,5% of your purchase to. This concept is called Amazon Smile. You can choose from thousands of organizations there, from big ones like Unicef or PETA to small local sport clubs. You have to choose an organization once and then use the domain whenever you want to buy something, and amazon will automatically transfer the money to the organization.

However, if you don’t want to support amazon, there are alternatives for that as well. For Germany, ie. there are the websites or, for the UK there is In the Netherlands, the website uses the same principle, however, it’s not focused on charity, but any association can register, so for example a lot of student sport clubs use this website to get some money. All you have to change when shopping online is to first register on one of those websites and then purchase whatever you want (even thuisbezorgd!). That is quite easy, isn’t it?