Volunteering at ESNS

Volunteering at ESNS

23 January 2019 by Carmen
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This tip might be a bit late now, as ESNS 2019 is already over, but planning for the next year can’t begin early enough! So, if you enjoyed ESNS with all its varying artists and the great atmosphere in town, I have a great idea for you: next year, register as volunteer at ESNS.

I did it this year for my student handball club, they registered me as a volunteer worker, I got placed to work as backstage porter in Kokomo and my club got some money for that. Now, this is all good, as my club can always need some money to organize events for us players or buy a new batch of shirts; but those are not the only benefits I got from this.

I got a ESNS Crew t-shirt, free entrance to the festival for the day I worked, drinks and snacks during my shift, an afterparty and of course I got to see artists performing – and all that for a few hours of standing in Kokomo, guarding the entrance to the backstage area, feeling important when denying some people the entrance, joking around with the real bouncers and barkeepers and enjoying some amazing acts.

Working as backstage porter is of course not the only job you can do at the ESNS. Friends from my club also worked at the cup return or the top-up places, or even as barkeeper at the stage on Grote Markt. They also need people to sell wristbands and some to accompany artists before and during their acts.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to register as a volunteer next year for ESNS when you have the chance!