Free Apps that changed my world

Free Apps that changed my world

19 December 2018 by Dilyana
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There are many innovative and cool apps out there in the AppStore world, but I will try to list the top 5 free apps that brought benefits to my life. I have tried them all and even kept for some time before my phone started crashing with too many updates. Yet, those apps have changed my behavior towards some activities and made me more independent. I started enjoying life more because I realized that I can do everything alone and be even happier with overcoming some fears.  


Once a friend of mine asked me if I knew this app that gives you tickets to concerts, matches, exhibitions and so on, for free. A friend and me got instantly hyped to go to the wildest party ever for free. Well, my friend mentioned that, for example, that the app has also tickets for big football matches as Barcelona vs Real Madrid and basically, her boyfriend was willing to pay the flight ticket only to see the match for free. This sounded very convincing. So, my friend and I decided to go to a party in Zwolle to Nacht van Holland. Yes, it sounds epic and the trailer of the festival was so cool. It turned out to be a super-Dutch music with an average age of 60 years old people. And we found that on a spot… at the back of the concert hall. My friend and I are non-Dutch speakers or fans of such music, so it made no sense of staying there after the 3rd song. The security guard even asked us two times if we are sure about leaving the concert because it won’t be possible to come back. So, I definitely recommend this app as a great new experience but maybe you should put more effort into choosing the event you would like to attend. As overall, even now when I talk with my friend about this “wild party”, we are laughing and remembering it as a fun moment we went through together.


Many people, maybe even me…missed out on some festivals because they were too expensive or because no friend wanted to go. A festival- freak-friend recommended me Radiate which is basically the tinder of festivals. It allows you to connect with new people who are going to the festival you want to go. This is perfect for making some friends before the festival with who you might go with. It is nice to know that it is possible to make new friends and enjoy the party with people who also love this music. Once a friend gave up on going to one famous DJ party in the last minute. I wanted to go so badly that I decided to find someone to go to, so I can be safer during the party. I would admit that I had to go through some struggle about getting over that I will be alone… partying. But I thought that this is the perfect time to grow up as a person and do what I really want without giving up because of another person or the situation. I just installed the app and found some people who are going to the party. It was almost as asking for a date but anyway I had nothing to lose anyway and I did not know them. One person answered me and said that I can join his friend circle. The party was one of the best ever and I was so happy that I did it!


If you have been reading my posts, you would find out that I am an enormous Couchsurfing fan. I have traveled 26 countries for the last 3 years and 80% of the time I do not pay for sleeping. It is an app where you find a host in a city you are going to visit. The host shows you around the coolest local places, you share a dinner and talk. Couchsurfing app recently introduced the Hangout which is hanging out with people for a few hours. These people are also traveling around and maybe they want to get to a place, get a coffee, walk around or whatever is on your mind. I also used the Hangout a couple of time for people to come to a party with me, to grab a beer, or go to explore some nature. Once, 5 people (including myself) from different countries just randomly met for a dinner. It was one of the most awesome dinners because I got to meet a Japanese UN ex-employee, USA military doctor, Swedish political activist and a Columbian who travels the world for the last two years. I am sure I cannot find such people in my regular circle of friend. By the way, I am such Couchsurfing fan that once I made my grandmother host two Russian girls who I have never met, and I was not even there. My grandmother had a great time!

Locus map

This app I have found out recently during one long hike in the Caucasus. I needed a secure offline, off road map. So, I found the free app- Locus map in which can be imported GPS coordinates. This app is well developed, and it has the most walked trails in Europe but also on the other continents on the map. So basically, you can see all the hiking roads around Groningen passing through some fields with a precision. The Netherlands is very developed and highly populated country so the chance to get lost is very low, however, if you do a trail in high mountains as for example above 2000 meters and you do not see people for the next three days, it is good to have a GPS map. The map also shows the actual height of the peaks around you, so you can calculate more or less the time by the elevation degree. It is one of the best apps ever because, for example, once I was too tired of seeing cities and I just saw on the map a close nature trail, so I changed my plans easily, without deep research. Living outdoor became less of a research and more of a walking. The app also has a paid version which will show you biking, skiing, mountain and walking roads (because most of the Google maps are not accurate in less developed countries).


When I was in high school, I never believed that I was good at languages. I refused even putting effort into learning English because just the study system was not working right for me. I found the Duolingo app and the desktop version and I just started with Italian, then Dutch, then Spanish and now I can speak 5 languages and understand probably 5 more from their close related languages. If you learn one foreign language well, from this point on it is easier to learn any other language because you establish your own memory style. There has not been a country in Europe that I visited, and I felt completely lost because of the language barriers. Duolingo might not be an academic course but it teaches you practical stuff and I can tell you that even native speakers do not speak correctly. When you have a conversation in another language, the last thing people are going to focus on is your grammar. The meaning and the message are more important than the language rules. Meanings and messages are learnt from repeating and expanding the vocabulary.  I have met a few foreigner people who learnt Bulgarian language and yes, I can tell from their accent, but you need to acknowledge the fact that someone tries so hard to speak the language and understand your culture. By the way, even my mother now is learning English in her free time!

I am eager also to find new apps who are helping to develop your personality and skills. As well, I believe that if you are a curious and proactive person, you will definitely find your ways to satisfy your own needs. I hope this article inspired you to go out of your comfort zone, stay open and positive about the world because they are many amazing things that await you if only you are willing to actually make the step.