How to furnish your room cheaply: DIY

How to furnish your room cheaply: DIY

11 May 2018 by Dilyana
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Once I managed to spend only 40 euro for all the furniture in my house. Many of the furniture was given away from students who are leaving Groningen. Others, I got inspired by DIY websites and videos. I have used things that every student can find as pallets, jars, beer crates and ropes.

As a start, I would recommend you to follow the Facebook Group- Free Your Stuff Groningen where people post things that they have to get rid of. For example, many times you can find a couch, bed frames, tables, games, books… well, nearly everything you might need. However, you will need to keep an eye regularly on the group because the rule is “first comes, first serves”. If you have to transport a lot of things, perhaps you can rent a bike which is called “ bakfiets” from Ikea or Grote Markt bike shop- Fietsje. It is a lot of fun when you do it with friends and you will definitely feel proud of your capabilities to move your house by yourself.

Oh pallets, pallets… you are the best friend but a little bit expensive in the Netherlands. You can find them on Marktplaats, in Fb groups, and on the street have been thrown away by some restaurant/shop. I do not say that they are easy to find and carry them. In fact, the massive pallets are very heavy, so bring a friend. Yet, pallets are great for a base of a bed, table, shoe rack, flower pot holders, benches, shelves and whatever creative idea is on your mind. I have done myself the bed from pallets and what I can say about it is that it takes a little bit time to get used to sleeping on a lower level. The second thing is that it has many holes, so the dust is gathered easily and hard to clean. Thus, try to close the holes in any possible way so you don’t need to struggle with cleaning the dust from it.

Can beer openers
The can beer openers are the most common item in the student life. You will find them at any party, and probably in your pockets from a previous party. The real purpose of the hole is to put a straw in the can through the hole, so the straw does not move. But who is drinking beer with a straw?!? The true use of them is the following... They are great for saving space in your closet by using them to interconnect two clothes hangers. Like that in the same amount of space, you can have double/triple more stored clothes which are neatly hanging down.

Boxes of vegetables
Boxes of vegetables are not so easy to find but for sure they are easy to organize and maintain. You will need to nail some of them, so they can stay together. It is very useful for the enormous load of textbooks given at the uni.

Beer Crates
Beer crates are the most common item in a student house. At some point at a party, the chairs are over, but the creative students have come up with putting together 2 crates and having a chair. For more comfort, I would recommend putting a pillow before sitting on the crates to avoid some sore bottoms but still – shout out to creative students!

Jars of food for cutlery and a toothbrush
Jars are awesome- first, you eat the food and then you use the jar in 1000 ways. The jar can be used as a cup… Yep, at many parties’ jars are best friends. However, I prefer to use the jar to put in my cutlery or a toothbrush.

Students are creative in so many ways. Most of the time, if it works than… well, it works. Sometimes I have seen horrible DIY as empty trash bin made into a big pot of alcohol. Everybody was shocked by this invention and the owner assured us that he cleaned it very well. In the end, we all ended up drinking the trash bin of “Sangria “and it was a good party.

In conclusion, DIY has many benefits as recycling and redoing our own furniture. The other plus is that they are most of the time cheap and unique. But the most of all, as a student who probably moves from country to country, or house to house- DIY are easy to discard and re-do again. So just ask Google- DIY + the furniture you wish, and you will have some many different ideas. As a cool trick is to place a metal trail between 2 walls or a hanger with a trail so you can hang multiple things as from pants, to clothes, to sports equipment and soft folding drawers from Ikea.