01 November 2017 by Dilyana
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What can I see around Groningen?
Visit Hunebedden!

Being in parties and meeting people in Groningen is thrilling but sometimes we feel going to nature somewhere but as well learning something new. In one sunny day, just take your bike and explore what is around…

Hunebedden are rocks but it gets more exciting because they are older than Stonehenge! Hunebedden are over 5000 years old which makes them also older than the pyramids. According to the current theory, they are prehistoric tomb chambers. However, they are also suspected as buildings served only as a sanctuary. They are 54 Hunebedden in total in the Netherlands, mainly in province of Drenthe and a few in province of Groningen.

The Hunebedden consists of huge granite stones, some of them weighing over 25,000 kilograms, which are dragged to the spot and piled up to form a rectangular stone grave. If you have noticed, in the Netherlands there are no maintains or rocks or hills. So, where did the stones come from? Well, scientists say that about 200, 000 years ago, during an ice-period, most of Northern Europe was covered by thick layer of ice. The big boulders must have been transported to the Netherlands by slow moving ice-glaciers. 

How do we reach them and where are they?
What I have done is that I took my bike on the train to Station Martenshoek. The train ticket from Groningen to Martenshoek costs 3-euro one way. The ticket for the bike on the train for the whole day costs 6 euro. In total, the Hunebedden experience will cost you minimum of 12 euro.

From the Marhenshoek train station I continued biking near the lake Zuidlaardemeer in direction to village called Midlaren where is the first Hunnebed of this trip- Dolmen D03. 5 minutes biking from the Dolmen D03 is the other Hunebed G1. The whole bike experience was 13km one way, or 40 minutes in one direction. I wanted to surround the lake and go back to the station however there is a ferryboat in the end of the lake that did not work that day.

You will go to see the Hunebedden but actually you will see the amazing beauty of the province with sand dunes, woods, small and picturesque villages, farmhouses and thatched roofs, windmills and lovely cows and sheep. Take your sandwiches and change your lunch view!