Parttime jobs rules.

Parttime jobs rules.

04 March 2019 by Dilyana
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Many students want to find a part time job during their studies to financially support themselves. There are many places to find jobs such as restaurants, shops, bars and discos. However, not many know what they are entitled to receive for their work. On the other hand, the owners abuse the situation of foreign students position and take them to work by paying them below the minimum wage. Working on the black market means that you agree to an illegal activity and in case of administrative checking, you will be fired and fined for it.

One of the most important things to understand about your Dutch salary is the difference between gross and net salary. The gross salary (bruto salaris) is the total amount of your salary before tax and other costs are deducted. Meanwhile, the net income (netto salaris) is your salary after income tax, social security payments and contributions for your pension have been deducted. Respectively, the net salary is the amount that is deposited in your bank account each month. When discussing your salary, your employer will almost always refer to the gross monthly amount. Be sure to check the net amount as there is a quite a difference between the two values.

You are entitled to get Salary Paper each month which you must safe for any future checkup references and taxes. On the salary paper will be all kind of Dutch words and numbers, but what do they mean?

Payslip top section: personal details

  • Periode - the relevant time period (week or month)
  • Personeelsnummer - employee number
  • Salaris / uurloon - gross salary (pre-tax)
  • Bijz. tarief / heffingskorting (ja) - tax rate (percentage) / general tax credit (yes)
  • Verzekerd voor WW, WiA, ZW, Zvw - social security you are covered for / contribute to
  • Datum in dienst - date you entered employment
  • Burgerservicenummer (BSN) - your Dutch social security number
  • Functieomschrijving - job description

Payslip middle section: salary breakdown

  • Omschrijving - description
  • (Normale) gewerkt uren - (normal) hours worked
  • Salaris - gross salary based on hours worked
  • Brutoloon - gross salary before tax and other deductions
  • Loonheffing - the amount deduced as prepaid tax and as social security contributions
  • Sociale verzekeringen (SV) - social security contributions
  • Reiskostenvergoeding - refunds such as transport costs
  • Nettoloon - net salary after tax, deductions and refunds. This amount appears at the bottom of your payslip and is the final amount that is deposited into your bank account.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage is paid by hour per week in euros transferred to your bank account. Almost every organization in the Netherlands is required to pay through the bank so the payment transaction can be proven.  The minimum wage is lower for people who are under 22 years old. For that reasons, younger people are wanted more and are more competitive. The difference between being 20 and 22 years old can be with 2-3 euro more per hour.

Do not forget that you must have a Dutch healthcare insurance which is the responsibility of the employee. You can check how to make a healthcare insurance here.  Having a legal job will entitle you to the right as insurance during working hours; pension fund; vacation money; sick and parent leave.