Physical Activities to do in Groningen when you are Bored

Physical Activities to do in Groningen when you are Bored

26 September 2018 by Dilyana
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Activities to do in Groningen when you are bored
You will experience all the range of emotions in Groningen and some days that might be boredom. Boredom because of the bad, continuous weather, or maybe because you always meet and do the same things with friends. Sometimes our routine of studying and working seems to be unbreakable even if we want to. There are many cool things happening in Groningen as parties, concerts, theaters but I want to suggest you a few out of the box, cool activities to do with friends…

Groningen has a big paintball field at the end of Korreweg. The awesome part is that the paintball field can be indoor and outdoor, so the bad weather will not affect the paint shooting experience. Normally, the paintball duels are including at least 6 people and the battle is with a duration of 2 hours. Probably, the paintballs will leave you some physical pain memory for the next 2 days, but it is a cool alternative activity to do with friends occasionally.

Laser tag
Are you fan of those colorful laser actions from Star Wars and Star Trek? Laser tag is a game played with guns which fire infrared beams. This is very cool. Seriously! Laser tag is painless because it uses no physical projectiles, and indoor versions may be considered less physically demanding. The laser tag game is also requiring at least 6 players. There are two rounds of laser game. The laser tag building is near Der Aa-kerk.

If you like to race fast and feel the adrenaline of driving and competing, you need to try out karting. You will be given those F1 suits and a helmet. One karting session is 12 minutes which equals more or less to 12 rounds of the track. For some extreme fans, the karting is organizing some grand prix competitions where you can fulfill the “need for speed”. The karting track is located at Kardinge.

There are two bowling places in Groningen. One is at Kardinge and the other one is in the city center of Groningen. At the bowling place, you can get some drinks and pre-drink before the party. The maximum of people to play is 6. In my opinion, the bowling in the Netherlands is quite expensive so I would recommend those 5-6 people per game, so the costs are split.

Escape room
The escape hunt experience is a mystery game where maximum of 5 people is locked in a room with time counting down. The goal is to figure out the mystery and get out of the room in time. You will be given a story, with hints and hidden objects and the ultimate goal is to find the key of the room. The escape room is located close by Ikea.

Rent a single or a double kayak and see Groningen from another point of view. Obviously, the weather needs to be good for this activity. I have done the double kayak and that might be a challenge since you need to synchronize the movements with the other person. You can make a circle around Groningen’s canals, get some sun, beers, have a laugh with your friends and enjoy the water sport. The kayak renting is under a bridge called Herebrug (very close to the Central station). 

The new sport celebrity activity- wakeboarding. What is that? Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. You are dragged by a motorized cable. You can try some cool water tricks by using the ramps. The wakeboard park is at Kardinge.

Climbing the tallest climb wall in the world
Yep, we also have a record high wall for climbing here in Groningen. The wall is called Excalibur and it is located at Kardinge. The wall is 37 meters with areas that are in and outdoors with total of 117 climbing routes. We might not have a hill in Groningen, but we have the great tall wall of the world. So, try it out, and feel on the top of the Netherlands.

So, let’s sum up… every activity cost approximately 15 euro per person which is not a cheap activity for a student. But sometimes we need some different events to entertain us. All those activities revive your relationship with friends because the time spent is a quality time that you will remember for a long period.