The cheapest places in Groningen

The cheapest places in Groningen

07 March 2018 by Dilyana
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We all know that feeling when it's the last week of the month again when our bank accounts are drained. You struggle to get together enough money to buy some ketchup to go along with your pasta. Luckily for you Dilyana made a list of shops where you can find cheap things and food!

Second hand shops
The best second hand cheap shop is Mamamini. There are 3 shops in Groningen at Helpman, Damsterdiep and Noorderplantsoen. For this shop you can buy nearly everything starting from cutlery, dishes to desks, sofas to books and clothes. The prices are very low as for instance one couch can cost 25 euro. MijnTafel (my table Groningen) is a shop where you rent out space and you can sell your things. It is also a great place to find cheap items. The shop is at the end of Herestraat.

The cheapest shop for detergents/shampoos
The detergents sometimes can cost 5-6 euro in supermarkets, however in shops as Action, Trekpleister, and Op=Op you will get deals as for 3-4 euro or 2 packages for the price of one. Moreover, in those shops you can find diverse shampoos, soaps, douche gels and medicine as Paracetamol. In Groningen, there are 4 Actions, 2 Trekpleisters and 4 Op=Op in different location which makes it very easily accessible.

The cheapest stationaries
Action is an enormous shop that has everything as bike lockers, tools, soaps, food, notebooks and pens. The other shop is called So Low and one of it is at Vismarkt. Also, great shops for cheap party clothes, they adjust their collection to parties that are coming up. (E.g. Christmas, Halloween, Kingsday).  

The cheapest supermarkets
The cheapest supermarkets are Aldi and Lidl. Sometimes those shops may have limited choices, but they have the basic foods which might save you some money. In addition, the open-air market has cheaper prices for vegetables and meat. The open market is at Vismarkt and it is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and every first Sunday of the month. At the Vismarkt you can get a bag of vegetables and fruits for 1 euro. The food there is fresher and higher quality than any supermarket.

The cheapest shops for clothes
The cheapest shops for clothes are Primark and H&M where you can find the full set of clothes for little money. However you can also find second hand clothes at the previously mentioned Mamamini’s. Or check out O-Swap!

The cheapest bars
One of the cheapest bar is in The Student House and it is called Selwerd Flatbar 2. There you can get a bottle of beer for 1 euro. However, most of the bars in the city centers will have happy hours.

The cheapest restaurants
Burger King is cheap if you download the app and get all the food with 50-70% discount. The ultimate cheap restaurant is Wah Hing. It is a Chinese restaurant (that does not have a delivery, however you can call to order and go to pick it up) where one portion is basically for 2-3 people and the price is around 10 euro. If you want to be fancy at a restaurant than you will need to visit the website or download the app ‘Het Laatste Tafeltje’ where restaurants give big discounts 2-3 hours before the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or just got to eat a free dinner at The Free Café which happening every Wednesday and Sunday.

The cheapest fitness
The cheapest fitness is TrainMore located near the A-kerk. Their logo is literally translated that if you do more sport, you will pay less. The other cheap sport facility for students is Aclo. The other private fitness is Body Fit however it is not located near the city center however it is very big and it has many different sport facilities. If you consider going to the gym but not on a regular basis you also might want to check out BasicFit.

The cheapest bike shop
One of the cheapest bike shops is called “Bikes in Groningen” opened by a student. Comparing to the other bike shops, they will repair your tire with a sticker and charge you less instead of changing you the whole inner tube.