The Free Café with the free dinner

The Free Café with the free dinner

08 January 2018 by Dilyana
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The Free Café Groningen is an art students project that became reality through Let’s Gro festival! The idea is to prevent and fight food waste by having a place where everyone is included by sharing a dinner and a talk. Right now, the Free Café is hosted in two different locations on Wednesday and Sunday. On Wednesday the café is at BACKBONE050 at Travertijnstraat 12, Groningen and on Sunday it is at EDANZ, van Oldebarneveltlaan 6, Groningen.

Free dinner, really?!?

Yes, it is for free. And no-it is not a place for poor people, but a place for everyone who supports the idea of reducing food waste. You receive a free dinner through the Food saving network that the Free café has established. The network represents in an agreement between the Free Café organizers and local farmers, bakeries, market and stores to donate the food that in the end of the day which was not sold, and it is not wanted anymore. The organizers pick up the food from the different locations and twice a week the Free Café provides free dinners.

Volunteers supporting the café purpose, usually pick up the food, prepare the meals, setting up the tables and chairs, pouring tea and coffee and wash the dishes. Everyone who wants to be a volunteer just needs to go 4 hours before the dinner which is happening around 18-18:30, or just stay after the dinner and help with dish washing process. The atmosphere is very friendly, cozy and you do not need to do volunteer enrollment but just drop by and join. The preparing of the meals is a challenge because the products are diverse and not proportional. Therefore, there is a lot of room for food creativity. The meals are usually vegetarian or vegan. You can also donate food if you are leaving and you do not know what to do with the leftovers.

Why the Free Café does not want any money?

The answer is that by having the meal for free, you will be able to appreciate the food taste, the work behind the people who harvest it and the people that cooked it for you. In addition to that, you will spend 30 min-1h with new people and share a conversation and ideas. So just come and enjoy the new friends and the healthy dish!

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