Top apps to have in the Netherlands

Top apps to have in the Netherlands

07 March 2018 by Dilyana
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If you are going to study or already are studying in the Netherlands: these are some of the best Dutch apps you should have on your phone. 

Google translator
One might think, that every phone has this app until you search it in the phone during the emergency moment comes. Even though, most of the Dutch people speak English, it is useful to translate food menu’s, commercials or government letters.

This app is for food delivery. It has all the restaurants that deliver food. The app is organized by food preferences, prices and opinions.

Het Laatste Tafeltje
This app is about food discounts at restaurants. The restaurants give 2-3 hours before the breakfast/ lunch/dinner time big discounts as 50%. It is the perfect student app for fancy nights!

This app tells you everything about trains, buses as routes, hours, prices and discounts. This app is essential to have in the Netherlands. It is very accurate and continuously updated.
The NS app is for trains. It shows times, platforms, problems on the tracks and GPS of the travel.

For many countries, WhatsApp sounds as the top app of usage. However, in most of the Eastern European and Asian countries other similar apps are used. In the Netherlands, this app has been used from professional to very personal level.

Basically, this app means “showers” alarm. It is super important to have it because it shows when it will rain, for how long and with what intensity. Practically, you can stay dry in the Netherlands if you go out in the pauses of rain.

With the DigiD app you can always and everywhere log in securely to the government, healthcare and pension funds.

Bank app
Every bank has their different app. It is very easy to access your bank account, transfer money and even pay though your phone.

Here maps
Here is an offline map. You will need to download the map in advance and after that with GPS and no internet you can find your destination.

Aliexpress and Marktplaats
Those apps are easy to shop online, see sellers and buyers’ messages and pay faster. You can buy a lot of (second hand) things on these websites. For example you can find cheap second hand bikes here.

It’s Friday night and you’re looking for something different to do. Maybe you want to check out a play or find a bar with some great live music. Uit acts as a social agenda with events and festivals listed for the major Dutch cities.