Ultimate Visitors Guide to Groningen

Ultimate Visitors Guide to Groningen

10 May 2019 by Iman
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Whether you’re new in town or have friends/family visiting; this is the ultimate guide to places worth visiting in Groningen. The main attractions if you will. So sit back relax, your grunn bucket list has already been made.

View of Martini Tower

Climb the martini tower
For only a euro you can get views of around Groningen. Follow the winding spiral staircase authentically Dutch steep short steps and a central rope to grab on to for stability. A bit of a feat, but I promise the climb is worth the view.

Boat tour
Starts from outside opposite the central station by the canal lasts an hour and takes you all around town included an automated audio description. It’ll take you along the canals through the city.

Alternative Groningen tour
Find out some information you can’t find on google or a blog. Find out facts even the locals don’t know about. On this unique tour you can find out about underground Groningen communities alternative living styles and there also great picture opportunities. You can check out tours over here

Groninger museum
Free for students. This visually stunning building museum gives a great lesson on the rich history of Groningen and  you may recognize a lot of the names from buildings and streets. They also have interesting exhibitions on, featuring artists and designers.

A little more further out there is a beautiful nature space. Great for a little hike. 30,000 maple trees planted in 1995 to commemorate 50th year anniversary of liberation of the Netherlands by the Canadian Army. Complete with windmill and stunning views. Great for a bit of quiet.

Arguably the main park in the city. Bustling with people during all seasons. Usually ram-packed in summer with people picnicking and having barbeques. A great place for a little stroll and suitably around the corner from the main University campus.

A stunning lake leading up to a larger lake paterswoldesemeer. Another typical dutch windmill and stunning views. Here you see a lot of fishmerman, dog walkers and families. A decent place for a dip in the summer.

The city park. A lot of concerts are held here throughout the year especially summer and of course a whole town event on King’s day and bevrijdings festival. A gigantic park, with a petting zoo. Not far from the center.

Hoornse meer

Hoornse meer

Drie Gezusters
Translates to ‘The three sisters’. Largest pub in Europe. Different rooms with different themes. My go to would be the room that looks like an old saloon a great place for a chill vibe. Almost like stepping back in time.

You can’t come to a student city and not visit the university. While there are university buildings dotted around the city, there are two main campuses: Central and Zernike. The former is older beautiful, gothic styled buildings, stain glassed windows and high intricate ceilings. You’ll find many buildings like this in the center of the city-The building on broerstraat is a great example. Then you’ve got Zernike, named after Frits Zernike Physics Nobel prize winner in 1953 for his invention of the phase-contrast microscope. Home to faculty of science and engineering, Hanze school of applied sciences and start-up city. It’s very modern, with futuristic architecture a complete juxtaposition to the city center. Notable buildings would be the linnaeusborg and the Energy building.

Markets/Shopping street
The are two main markets here, Vismarkt and Grote markt. Vismarkt, is a great place for fresh produce from local farms and tasty street food. Grote markt is at the very heart of the city, a busy square where it all happens. Surrounded by stores and restaurants; and the iconic steps a place where people end up at the end of the night - always a vibe. Not far are the main shopping streets: Folkingerstraat and zuiderdiep have great vintage stores antiques and old curiosa shops, and along herestraat you can find typical stores.

This is by no means all of the places to go but it’s a good start. And you can certainly do it in a couple of days. Have a wander and cycle like a local it’s the best way to explore the town. Where it’s a day or longer I hope you enjoy your time here.