Alternative ways to find your crowd in Groningen

Alternative ways to find your crowd in Groningen

09 July 2019 by Lara
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Living abroad is exciting, enriching and mind opening, but it can also be lonesome at times. Groningen is an amazing student city, busting with life and activities throughout the year, but if you’re an older (or grumpier?) student like me, it might be harder to find your crowd. But Groningen really is a city for everyone, so here are some alternative groups and activities for those less party oriented.

Boardgame Group

If playing some games with a glass of beer or coffee in a lazy Sunday afternoon is something you enjoy, this group is for you! The Groningen Expat Board Games + TTG is a Facebook group with 250 members, who occasionally meet to play games (but not all 250 at once). Anyone is free to organize a boardgame session with any theme or location, but meetings usually occur on Sunday afternoons in cafes in the city center.

English Book Swap

Reading a good book is probably one of my favorite activities but finding books in English or buying lots of them can be quite inconvenient – and expensive! But good news for my fellow readers: an English book swap happens monthly in Groningen! You can bring and take as many books as you want, all themes welcome – there are even options for the little ones. Come for the books, stay for a drink and meeting interesting new people! Location and dates vary, but keep an eye on the “The Great English Book-Off!“ Facebook group so you can see when the next event pops up.


City Central

City Central is a hub for internationals to connect in Groningen. They promote multiple activities from workshops to free dutch courses and even excursions. You can find more information about what they’re currently promoting and how to sign up in their website, by the store or on Facebook.