Upcoming Events in December

Upcoming Events in December

19 December 2018 by Leah
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Now that the Christmas season is officially peaking, Christmas-themed events are popping up all over Groningen to adjust to the Christmas mood. Or, if you’re not quite in the Christmas mood yet, you might be after visiting some of these events. This weekend is typically the last weekend a majority of students are in the city before they leave to go back home for the holidays, so compiled below is a list of cozy, gezellig events to look out for in the remainder of this week, and really, the final weeks of the year!


What is Christmas in Europe without a Christmas market (Kerstmarkt in Dutch)? It is often considered that our neighbor, Germany, hosts the widest array of ‘Weihnachtsmarkts’ which tend to surpass the rest of Europe’s own little versions, however, I believe there is effort in every market, with special touches from the location they’re based in. That being said, Groningen is no stranger to their own markets, and as a student, you just cannot pass an opportunity to visit them. Cute little crafts, live music, twinkly lights, and warm food. The perfect basis for experiencing this pagan holiday.

Dec. 8 – 23: Kerstmarkt Groningen

Website: https://www.kerstmarkt.com/nederland/groningen/

Dec. 14: Kerstmarkt in Helpman

Dec. 16: Achterwerk x Kerstmarkt

This is a combination of a vintage kilo sale with Christmas food, drinks, and music.

Dec. 21 – 23: Winterwelvaart in the City of Groningen

Website: https://www.winterwelvaart.nl/winterwelvaart-2018/

Dec. 23: Vegan Kerstmarkt


There are a myriad of Christmas-related events in Groningen that span a wide range of themes and mediums. Sometimes, Christmas events can really only be categorized in ‘Markets’ and the rest.’ So, take your pick and snowball your way in.

Dec. 14 – Jan. 4: Disco on Ice

Every Friday evening (within the dates mentioned above) you can ice skate to your heart’s content to Disco music in the Grote Markt on Groningen on Ice’s rink. Just a few meters away, at De Drie Gezusters, you’ll find the coziest post-skating atmosphere.

Dec. 14: Movie Night x ‘Home Alone’

For only 2 euros, watch the Christmas classic, Home Alone, with a pre-movie quiz, popcorn, drinks, and the coolest people you know. To sign up, send an e-mail to international@hmvactis.nl.

Dec. 15: Christmas Foodmarkt Tasting Festival

This is the first edition of the Christmas food-tasting festival, hosted by Jumbo, in the south of the city. Discover delicious recipes and Chef specialties (with live entertainment)!

Dec. 15: International Christmas Dinner

We know Groningen is an international student city and as such, there never fails to be events that promote inclusion and enthusiasm for the variety of cultures this city hosts. International Dinners are common, and now, there’s a Christmas theme! A menu pulled from traditional Christmas dinners all over Europe are incorporated. It’s only 9 euros and you can sign up here.

Dec. 15: Poetry Session – Surrealism & Dada

Okay, so, technically I lied. This event isn’t necessarily Christmas-related but it’s such a unique event that I considered it was worth sharing. This isn’t quite a poetry slam as it involves participant interaction by having them create their own Dada/Surrealist poem. Beforehand, you will experience these artist movements from performances by invited artists. So, make sure to bring some textual materials with you and prepare to forget everything you know about poetry.

Dec. 28 – Dec. 30: Roald Dahl Festival

A feeling that is often experienced during Christmas is childish joy or wonder. For me, it’s something about the lights that bring your spirit into an almost unearthly realm. However, a complementary feeling that paves the way for childish joy and wonder is nostalgia. Now, had you been exposed to the stories and classic illustrations of children’s author, Roald Dahl, hearing his name will almost certainly induce those nostalgic feelings. The Groninger Forum will be hosting a festival revolving around the well-respected author where the films based on his books will be played, a fantasy lab will be created, and of course, nonstop reading of Dahl’s timeless texts is present.