Upcoming October Events

Upcoming October Events

17 October 2018 by Leah
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15. October: Lecture – The Place of Art in Society @ Club Kiwi
SIB-Groningen, the international student association is back again with another lecture to stimulate your growing brain cells. This time, they’re digging into the visual arts field and its questionable professional context. The lecture, hosted by Andreas Blühm (director of the Groninger Museum), will discuss the societal roles the visual arts has played in history to the contemporary age, and how these roles should be transmuted into the future. A free lecture that’s open to all!


16. October: Tempeh Tuesday @ De Omhelzing (Pelukan)
Vegans, you’re going to love this. Asian food-enthusiasts, you’re going to love this. Anyone with any diet, you might love it if you try it. Every Tuesday the Indonesian café-restaurant, Omhelzing (Pelukan), hosts a plant-based, Asian-infused menu. From 17:00-22:00 in the evening, go ahead and contribute to a healthier world!

16. October: VERA Groningen Film – ‘Pity’
Very rarely do you see indie films produced by a Greek director. However, VERA films, known for their indie preference and emotionally-stimulating films that are usually shown off-the-radar from major blockbusters, shows a story of a man addicted to the safety of sadness. The addiction consumes him, forcing his Ego to perpetuate the victim role even when his life situation is no longer negative. Only for 6 euros, buy a ticket to the screening here:


17. October: Vegan Pancakes
Another healthy, foodie event! Like De Omhelzing, every Wednesday Plantlicious sells delicious vegan pancakes starting from only 2–3.5 euros! Additionally, with homemade ice cream and pastries. On the 17th, street musician, Christiaan will be playing, too. Find the location and more information on the Facebook event.


20-21. October: Vintage Clothing Sale @ EM2 Groningen
Vintage clothing markets are pretty big in this city. Naturally, students love a good bargain, but there’s also the gratification that comes with it. Knowing that you’re recycling old clothes so ‘fast fashion’ generates less consumption, and often times it can be ridiculously hard to understand why people can throw certain items of clothing away. Also, vintage clothing is pretty damn cool (hence those racked prices…). Whenever Stardust hosts their Klein Berlijn market in Groningen, the numbers of those interested on Facebook are often stacked to the thousands. This time, ‘Vintage per Kilo’ is hosting a Vintage clothing sale at EM2 during this weekend.


29. October: Konbu owners open a new, fresh Sushi delivery spot @ Wabi-Sabi
Have you already memorized the takeout menus of I Love Sushi, Okami, Sumo, and Imono on your delivery apps? Looking for a new sushi spot to try? Do you love the Korean street food restaurant, Konbu? Well the former owners of Konbu are now opening a new sushi-delivery joint on Schuitendiep 60. I recently spoke with two of the owners, Thanh and Broeccel, to enquire about their reasons for creating Wabi-Sabi. Thanh said he enjoyed working at Konbu, and the food was authentic, but simply put, they didn’t offer Sushi. So naturally, the next step was to open his own Sushi delivery place! Wabi-Sabi will open for delivery only on Oct. 29th. Their fish is fresh and their delivery (hopefully) punctual. If you want to see their menu and have more info, like their Facebook page and visit their website.



30. October: DOT Dome Planetarium Show
DOT is back with another planetarium show in English. Whereas their last planetarium show took the audience on a trip through our solar system, constellations, our galaxy, our neighbouring galaxies, and even further, this show will focus on a planet a little closer to home, Jupiter via the space probe, Juno. Their shows are always fascinating and will almost guarantee a sense of existential fear. Don’t forget to buy a ticket!


31. October: Foreign Student & Looking for a Job?
Last year, the Student Hotel and Jij-Uitzendbureau hosted a session that allowed international students to gain useful information about working in the Netherlands as a foreign student, as well as get in touch with potential employers. I hear it’s rather helpful and the event is free, but you must RSVP (website in Dutch): https://werkfestival.nl/