Upcoming Student Artists of Groningen

Upcoming Student Artists of Groningen

21 March 2018 by Leah
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In comparison to other European countries, I find that the Netherlands’ individual cities are not wholly different in their culture. For example, cities in the south of Germany are massively different in culture to the Northern cities– similar in England. In the Netherlands, you’d find that when it comes to culture, at least, particularly the arts, there is not much variation between different cities. The entirety of the country has similar innovative architecture, design, and artistic imagination. It’s like there is an untold unity by the Dutch creative sector to prep all the potential creatives that come to study in their country to include, ironically, one characteristic in their work: innovation. This is ironic because innovation doesn’t require unity or conformity but rather emphasises originality, individuality, and uniqueness. Who knows what forms these may take in the arts? 

Indeed, that last paragraph was a long introduction to the exhibition that I really dedicated this blog post for. As an art student, it is incumbent upon me (and my course) that I publicise the fine arts sector in Groningen, in order to really unveil this part of the city’s cultural arts. Although you’ll find multiple Ateliers, the Groninger Museum, and low-scale exhibition venues popping up throughout the city, none may grab your attention as much as the up and coming artists of the Minerva Art Academy. Out of the many student associations in the city, none may be as dedicated to these young creatives in Groningen as s.v. Arteva, the student association of the Minerva Art Academy. The association organises a myriad of events, from lectures to movie nights to glow in the dark parties all the way to, of course, exhibitions. It provides opportunities for excitement fit for a student, as well as professional opportunities necessary for a potential career in the arts. 

Currently, Arteva is hosting an exhibition at the Frank Mohr Institute on Praediniussingel, the master’s building of the Minerva Art Academy. The exhibition presents the works of students studying Fine Arts, of all years, and –here’s the best part– of all artistic styles and abilities. You’ll find not only the most vibrant and provocative 2D works but a number of sculptures and installations that I personally feel should be displayed in a contemporary museum. Some students have manipulated unique media, such as coffee, silkscreen printing, or plastic and glass models into their works. Of course, if you’re more interested in traditional techniques, you’ll find drawings, paintings, and collages, too. Many of the brightest of colours, too, might I add. 

Not to toot my own horn, but I have to include a shameless self-promotion to say that I, additionally, am exhibiting a few of my own works in the exhibition. I sometimes create paintings inspired by the dynamism of Abstract Expressionism, some of which you can see at the Praediniussingel building. Of course, art may not be for everyone, but the exhibition is low-scale and sizeably small– it all fits on the ground floor of the building so unlike most of your previous typical experiences in art museums, you don’t need to sit in the small café provided at the end of the exhibition to rest your aching feet and try to remember all of the pieces you saw to classify them in which order you liked them best. Thus, a quick visit to pop in and see some of the works won’t take up too much of your time. But who knows, any one of the works may take up a portion of your mind!

The exhibition goes on until Friday, the 23rd of March! After then, all of the works will be taken down. If you want more information about the student association, s.v. Arteva and all their upcoming events, head on to their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtevaMinerva/ 

Painting by Leah