Study spots in Groningen for the exam period

Study spots in Groningen for the exam period

29 October 2017 by Tina
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Exam season is just around the corner and with that the struggle to find a study spot begins. Of course the most obvious study spot would be home but for a lot of people (including me) home is often very distracting so studying in a working environment can really help. Or it can also be nice to just alternate between different study locations as studying in the same exact spot for several hours or days can become quiet monotonous.

University Library
The first place that comes to mind is of course the library. It is quiet, has good Wi-Fi and also has coffee rooms for breaks. However, unfortunately it is usually overcrowded during exam season which means that securing a spot is often only possible by arriving early in the morning or by luck. There are three different locations:

  • City centre, Broerstraat 4 9712 CP
  • Zernike, Duisenberggebouw, Nettelbosje 2, 9747 AE
  • Central Medical Library, Hanzeplein 1, 9713 GZ Groningen

I would definitely recommend downloading the library application which has very handy information on the open times and availability of studios. Also, during exam season the University library in the city centre is only accessible to RuG students in which case the app is very useful as it indicates when the library is only accessible with the University card. Download it here.

Groningen Forum
Another great location is Groningen Forum library which is conveniently located in the city centre and is accessible to everyone. Good WiFi and the working environment make it a great place to study at. There is also a little café where you can enjoy your coffee and in addition there is also computers available for

Address: Oude Boteringestraat 18, 9712 GH Groningen

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If you don't need absolute silence to study then the canteen is also a great option. You can enjoy your food or drink while studying and it is also very convenient for group study sessions. I think it's important to know when the canteen serves lunch/dinner since those will be the peak times and usually crowded as everyone wants to enjoy their meal there. Other than the peak times I find the canteen to be a great location to study at.

In order to know the weekly schedule and lunch/dinner times make sure to like the Facebook page of RUG Food & Drinks to stay up to date.

Facebook page

The different locations

Café's / Restaurants to study at:
There is two Starbucks in Groningen: One in the ground floor of the University Library and one at the Central Station. The Starbucks in the University Library can be a cozy place to study however yet again it is usually very crowded and finding a place to sit can be difficult. There is also a Starbucks at the Central Station in which I personally haven't studied at but it is quiet spacious and is a convenient study location for anyone who lives close to the Central Station.

University Library: Broerstraat 4 9712 CP Groningen

Central Station: Stationsplein 3, GR 9726 AE

La Place It is a pretty, well known, chain restaurant that offers self-service food at affordable prices. The La Place is located on the top floor of the department store 'Topshelf' and can be accessed through the escalators in the department store or the lift that is next to the Foodmarkt City by Jumbo. It is very big with lots of seating opportunities. Perfect for grabbing some food and studying.

Address: Grote Markt 21, 9712 HR Groningen

Foodmarkt City by Jumbo The Foodmarkt is also self-service and it offers sandwiches, pizza slices, sushi and more. The seating area is relatively small. It has good Wi-Fi, a number of wall sockets and a nice working environment.

Address: Oude Ebbingestraat18a, 9712 HJ Groningen

De Uurwerker Located in a corner next to the Harmony building it can be overlooked quiet easily. It's particularly nice for some food and group study sessions. However, it is more crowded in the evening so I would recommend it mainly during the day (for studying).There is also Wi-Fi if you ask for the password.

Address: Uurwerkersplein 1, 9712 EJ Groningen

Coffee Company The Coffee company has two locations in the city centre and has a working environment and in my opinion is particularly good for group study sessions.  As the name suggests it offers coffee but also tea and other drinks are offered.

  1. Location: Oude Ebbingestraat 39 , 9712 HB Groningen
  2. Location: Carolieweg 33, 9711 LR Groningen


These are just a few locations that I have found to be convenient for studying but of course there is a lot of other places in Groningen that can be perfect for studying! I really hope that you found this helpful and good luck with your exams!

By Tina Shirazi