Happy Hour FM Radio- The International Radio of Groningen
Most of the people are already used to the Dutch language surrounding us, so very few students know about the International Radio Talk show – Happy Hour Fm Radio. The radio where the official language is English, the news and the topics are related to Groningen and students.

Happy Hour FM is an English spoken talk show for students from students in Groningen which happens every Monday from 18.00 until 19.00 on 106.6FM. The International Radio has been around for already 2 years. The talk show is part of the radio program of OOG Radio and TV. OOG Radio and TV is the local broadcaster for the municipality of Groningen and provides continuous radio programming and about half an hour of television per day. In addition, the broadcaster brings news from Groningen on its cable newspaper and website. The International Radio has a new location-at Zernike: Kadijk 4, 9747 AT Groningen.

What are they talking about?
Well, Happy Hour FM tries to bring the happiness into their listeners by talking about fun information, news, music. Regularly, new people are invited, and debates are created based on common student topics as traveling experiences, flatmates, and neighbors, current events, interviews, quizzes and more. Each topic is for 15 minutes followed by a song related to the topic. It is possible also to have live music included in the program.

Do you want to be famous in Groningen and talk on the local radio station?
Write them a message on Facebook with the request to join the talk. They will tell you what the discussion for the fowling week will be or maybe you have a cool, awesome idea that you want to talk about- so suggest it! Sometimes Hanze media students are exercising at the radio, however, most of the time people are volunteering to talk. You do not need to be specialist or know something about the radio, but you want to try out something new- then join the Happy Hour FM, hear your own voice and get to know how the radio works. You will have the chance to learn about the radio technology; talk about topic that you are passionate about; organize the talk show and most of all meet other cool international students. And if you are a musician, you can come and play your music live or introduce the listeners to your passion.

Curious about their previous talks?

This is a short video introduction of the radio, the talks and the creative process:

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