Did you know Groningen has the youngest population of the Netherlands (the average age is only 36.4 years!) and a quarter of its citizens is formed by students? Around 50,000 students are studying at the university of Groningen and the Hanze University, of which 30,000 students are also living in the city. We can name a whole list of facts to prove to you why Groningen is such a vibrant city to live in. However, we can say with pride that when you choose to study in Groningen, you have chosen a city full of life with the youngest atmosphere in the country!

When you start your search for accommodation, you will notice there is a wide diversity in neighbourhoods. You can share a house with other international students but you can also choose to live together with Dutch students; the easiest way to learn the language and culture! There are also many possibilities for you as a student to join the vibrant nightlife, or one of the many cultural -, sports-and student associations. The city centre of Groningen is small but cosy, and has an atmosphere that is unique in the Netherlands. You will instantly notice the canals and the historic buildings surrounding them, and together with the smell of Stroopwafels from the Grote Markt it will give you the ultimate Dutch feeling.

The main transportation used by Dutch people is the bike; in fact 57% of all transportation within Groningen is by bike. As the city is not too big, you can easily move yourself around the city with a bike. There are even special side roads made especially for cyclists! Sunshine or rain, the Dutch are not afraid of a bit of wind or a little storm; they just put on their raincoat and off they go!

Want to start your search for accommodation right away? More information about the type of accommodations and neighbourhoods can be found at the bottom of this page. Or you might wanna watch this video, which is all about finding a right place in Groningen.

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