10 stages every student in Groningen went through while watching the Elections

gepubliceerd : 17 November 2016

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By now everyone has accepted that Donald Trump is the new president of the United States – at least sort of. But what was the night of the elections like for a student in Groningen? You can find out by reading this list of the ten stages every student went through watching the American elections. 

1. Playing games to kill the time (while simultaneously drinking)

Considering the elections didn’t start until 12 at night here in the Netherland, there was some time to kill. This time was happily filled with playing a game of 30 seconds (or Stef Stuntpiloot, or Exploding Kittens) and gulping down various Gin & Tonics (or PK, if you wanted to start slow). The atmosphere was very good at this point of the evening.

2. Eating. A lot.

And I mean a lot. You have to do something, and eating always seems to be a good solution to boredom. Unfortunately, it is characteristic for a student house to be not so well supplied with food, so you have to consort to eating last week’s chips or a cracker with hagelslag. But a better solution is a short walk to the snackbar on the corner, for some fries with mayo or a typically Groningse eierbal.

3. Changing into your chill suit

After playing games for a while you realize that you just wont be able to spend the entire night in those tight jeans. The only logical solution is a clothes swap to your chill suit (this can be anything from super sweet sweatpants to a onesie with a cool print). After the swap it is immediately clear: much better.

4. “Oh shit, it already started.”

Because it was just a tad to cosy (which means: because you were singing along with those songs just a little too hard), you totally missed the Martini tower striking midnight, and you move to the TV an hour too late. But come on, it’s not an option not to sing along with “het gras van het noorderplantsoen.”


1. Realizing you aren't paying as much attention as you should

You realize that you are talking way too much about random stuff and that you are paying a bit too little attention to what’s going on on the TV, when you suddenly see frightful percentages appear on the screen. “Oh well, it will turn around,” you hear yourself say.


6. Alternating between CNN and NOS

After a long discussion you guys decide to watch CNN. After all, that is the channel that should know best. But it is kind of boring actually. So back to NOS. Where they interview people in hair salons and taco bars. Love NOS

7. Acting crazy from sleep deprivation

Around 4 o’clock you can’t handle it anymore. You start to get in one of those moods which only appear when you are just that tired. You start throwing things which you can reach without getting up and you start to giggle uncontrollably over Trump’s hair.


8. Denying the thing that’s right in front of you

The results are starting to point to Trump’s victory… But no one is ready to admit it yet. “It is going to be okay.” Everyone nods. “For real.”

9. Being very, very sad

And it did happen. Defeated, you sit in front of your TV – surrounded by snacks, empty glasses and with a very bad mood…


10. Realising you have an exam in 45 minutes

…which gets even worse when you realise you have an exam. In 45 minutes. Run!

by Robin van Gammeren