Diary of a professional pub crawler

gepubliceerd : 01 December 2015

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So, you’re moving to Groningen and you do not have the ambition to be a stay-at-home student? But you’re not very excited about hanging around in the same bar every night either? In short: do you want to become a real pub crawler? Alright! We take you on a tour through Groningen and will demonstrate how you can be away from home for seven days straight.


On monday it’s important to warm up slowly… There’s a whole week to go after this and you don’t want to waste all your energy straight away. So maybe a beer tasting at the Pintelier? It’s a great way to get familiar with one of the best pubs in Groningen and to get a a taste of the best beers around. They’ve got a huge menu! And well, fair enough… While you’re at it, trying to find your favourite, it is possible that the night will turn out to be a little bit longer than we’d first expected.


Still a little euphoric about finding our favourite new beer, we get out of bed. Even though we’re supposed to concentrate on listening to the lecturer, our minds already wander off to what our plan is going to be for the night. Which new adventures and fascinating people is it we’re going to encounter? It’s still the end of the week and we’re not looking forward to going clubbing yet, so… we opt for an old-fashioned game night at cafe Kult. Now and then you just need some good conversation and old-skool competition (your grandmother would approve!). Bingo, badminton on the patio, roulette on the balcony.. everything is possible. And oh well, we might just have a beer with that. Or a couple.


We’ve warmed up by now and feel as if we could take the world: bring it on! On Wednesday it’s definitely time for something new. We’re getting ready and honestly, looking fabulous! It’s definitely going to be an awesome night, starting off in O’Malleys Irish Pub. Some good old live music. Decent beers. Maybe even a Guinness? However, after O’Malleys we hunger for more. And that isn’t a problem at all, because Groningen has lots of possibilities to offer, until the sun rises.  From 23.00 there’s a student night at the Warhol, organised by the international student association ESN. A great way to meet other international students! So after that, we hit the town with our new friends. We have no clue how we got here, but all of a sudden we find ourselves singing the Dutch anthem in the Golden Fust… and according to the photo’s we showed off our dancing skills later that night in the Blauwe Engel as well. It must have been an awesome night, we can’t really remember that much of it though... .


So, ok… Wednesday turned out to be a little more intense than we had initially expected. Our hangovers are horrid and we probably feel worse than the guys from the Hangover. However, we won’t let this stop us… You want to be a pub crawler right? Heart and soul. So there we go again, club &zo this time: Stu-dance it is (pun intended!). Don’t forget your college card, because you’ll get a discount on the shooters when you show it! Can’t really say no to a €1 shooter, right?


Finally, weekend! So, we’re free to start drinking just a little earlier today. Friday aftenoon drinks. Specialty beers again? Sure. This time in the Oblomov though, variety is key. Chances are that we’ll need to go to bed a little bit earlier than usual after this, but even the most professional pub crawlers are allowed to go to bed early now and then, right? After the regular midnight-snack, of course.  


So the end of the most intense week of our lives is approaching… It’s getting harder and harder to convince ourselves that we still feel great and energetic. The face looking back at us in the mirror isn’t quite as handsome anymore as we’d expect it to be. However, can’t get us down. We had one goal: going out for seven days straight. And we will succeed! Time to dance, time to go to the Vera! Various concerts are thrown here every weekend and for €1,50 you’ll have excess to several stages!


Finally… We made it! The pub crawler proved itself to be worthy. One more night to go. And we’re going out with a bang! But not too hard, because our head hurts. Science says that you’ll lose brain cells when drinking too much. Time to check whether that is true: we subscribed for the weekly pub quiz at the Toeter! Besides… Specialty beers are half priced on Sundays, so that’s a sweet deal! However, there’s more good news. Sunday night is the ideal night to go out to the Negende Cirkel and trip over some hockeysticks. Hallelujah!

By Anouk Theunissen