Lustrum: Party in optima forma!

gepubliceerd : 10 August 2015

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Once in five years any student association goes ballistic and celebrates until they drop dead, namely during their lustrum. This year, A.S.V. Dizkartes (one of the student associations in Groningen) celebrates its fifth lustrum. We wondered what actually goes on during such a celebration and so we had a date with Melissa and Wendy: secretary and president of Dizkartes’ fifth lustrum. Wendy is wearing some awesome sunglasses, which turn out to be ‘lustrum glasses’. Now that looks promising!

What is a lustrum and what does it mean to a student association?

Melissa explains: “Every five years we celebrate the birth of our awesome association in the biggest form we can imagine, with a huge event of several days. All members join us and even old-members and non-members unite to celebrate. We celebrate and party until the sun rises. For the association this means a particularly good way of bonding. Above all, we are all there for the same reason: namely Dizkartes!”

So, what’s the size of such an event?

Wendy, secretary of the board, tells us about the location and proceedings: “Dizkartes’ lustrum takes place at the Helsinkistraat 4-6, where Paradigm usually throws its events. The location is big enough to party with around thousand people. It will last nine days and we start off with a brilliant opening with Akwasi and Girls Love DJs. Furthermore we’ll have the ‘Disputenbarrage’. On this evening every ‘dispuut’ actually builds its own bar and they all go outrageously big. Fifteen huge bars in total will be constructed and they all have their own theme. However, even though we love to party, we’ll keep it quiet on Sunday. Nine days in a row is quite heavy you know, haha. On Sunday we’ll throw a foodfestival, with all different sorts of little dining caravans as commonly seen on festivals nowadays.”  

Going to pieces?

Simultaneously they answer: “Yeah, definitely!” Melissa gives me a weird look, as if I’m absolutely retarded for asking this: “Eh… It’s a party that lasts for nine days, duh!”

It sounds like quite some organization.

Melissa explains how they fix it: “We have lots of committees which our members can join to live up to our lustrum.” A lustrum quite obviously reveals an association’s dynamics: “Our members can help in any way, with the preparations or during the event itself. A lustrum is for our members and by our members. Of course we’ve organized some events before the lustrum will kick off, to excite our members.”

What’s going to be the absolute highlight?

Melissa tells: “I honestly think that Wednesday evening will be the absolute highlight. That evening the ‘Foute Dizko’ takes place and I’ll tell you, that’s an understanding among our members.” Wendy continues enthusiastically: “Oh right, and Starkoo will be there that night! Of course, he adds quite a bit to a Foute Dizko, haha. The stage setting and decorations will all be in style and it’s going to be the biggest Foute Dizko that Groningen has ever known!” Melissa explains the importance of a Foute Dizko: “Even former members come over to Groningen to partake on this night, even though they’ll have to work the next day.”

Why do you throw the lustrum at a different location than usual?

Wendy: “Our own building is only allowed 300 people inside and on the busiest days we definitely expect about 900 visitors.” But there’s more: “We want to rebuild the whole place!”

What’s the lustrum theme?

Wendy: “Our theme is ‘Vacuum: leef in een luchtbel, feest in een roes!’ (Vacuum: live in a bubble, party in a fuddle!).” Melissa explains the thought behind it: “During a lustrum, there is nothing else that really matters. Everything is about the lustrum; you’re living in a bubble! You’ll party in a fuddle and in those nine days, that is all that matters.”

Are there any possibilities for non-members to experience the joy of your lustrum?

Melissa: “Yes, there definitely are! On most days it is possible to introduce friends or family who aren’t members. We even have a special day on which everyone is most welcome to come and party, the external day. That event takes place on the 17th of September, and it is possible to buy tickets online. Mr. Polska comes over that day and the Million Plan! However, as many ‘Dizkartianen’ live in mixed houses (with people from all different associations or not) there is a special ‘houseday’ on which all the roommates are welcome as well. That one takes place on Tuesday!” (Which traditionally is the house-night for most houses in Groningen, during which you eat and drink with your roommates).

So, the lustrum takes place in September. Is that an extra reason to join Dizkartes, you think?

Wendy: “Oh, yes definitely! Therefore we’ll promote it during the KEI-week and I truly think it should be a pull factor, as you wouldn’t want to miss this.” Melissa: ”Absolutely, definitely if you’re still in doubt whether or not you want to joint this year or the next, it can be a reason to choose for this year. During the KEI-week we’re throwing a lustrumparty on Thursday, as a sort of sneak preview on what’s to come. We’ll all be present that day to answer any questions!”

What does Dizkartes’ lustrum mean to Groningen as a city?

“We believe that a lustrum enlivens a city and there are activities which are open to Stadjers as well. The city wll be involved as well and in that way we contribute to the society of Groningen as such. However, I can’t tell you yet what it exactly is that we are planning on doing.” Wendy and Melissa shoot some meaningful glances, leaving us in wonder and curiosity. One thing is for sure: we’ll be there!

By Anouk Theunissen