Masmas – your second living room

gepubliceerd : 20 September 2015

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To find out that one of the cafes from your hometown decides to go international and chooses Groningen out of all places… Masmas Groningen’ was the status update of Sara, a student in Groningen from Barcelona. Masmas is a new coffee bar in the Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat, where many bars are already situated. What makes Masmas different from the others? GroningenLife! spoke with Lourens de Groot, one of the managers, and with Sara to find out.

Masmas started as a coffee bar for youth who didn’t have their own place to hang out in Barcelona. It truly looked like a living room. ‘It wasn’t just a place where you could hang out to have a drink, but you could also play board games or computer games and there were many sofas with blankets during the winter. In the beginning mainly teenagers came here, but after places to study were created, more youngsters and students visited Masmas,’ tells Sara. She also liked to go there for the Frapas. A Frapa is a mix between a slush and a milkshake. In Spain there were many flavours, but according to Sara Oreo was by far the best.

Now this second living room has come to the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat. Also in Groningen, Masmas looks very cosy with many little corners where you can sit and there’s a gigantic bookcase. Furthermore there’s a big table, which makes it easier to get in touch with other people. ‘At Masmas everyone should feel at home and be free to do whatever he or she wants. In most public places people will consider it strange if you take your laptop to watch a film. At Masmas this is absolutely no problem’, says Lourens. Luckily the Frapas have also moved to Groningen! The Oreo flavour is still available and as a tribute to the move to the Netherlands you can now also choose the stroopwafel flavour (typical Dutch cookie).

Masmas means ‘more more’ in Spanish, since this concept has more to offer than the regular coffee bar. Masmas namely offers workshops, organised by the customers themselves. ‘In case you know a lot of photography for example, we can give you the opportunity to host a workshop. You’re supposed to take some participants with you yourselves and Masmas will promote the workshop through social media. We have room for groups of ten to twenty people. The smaller workshops are free and the larger ones will cost a maximum of 25 euros. So far we already received some offers such as music production and philosophy. We are planning to organise a Fifa tournament on a big screen a couple of times a year where we can compete against Masmas Barcelona.’

The Oude Kijk in ‘t Jat is blessed with yet another great coffee bar. Masmas is your second living room, where you can watch Game of Thrones for hours without shame or try out all the Frapa flavours. And you can enjoy awesome workshops. ‘Every workshop can be organised as long as people would like to participate in it’, says Lourens. ‘If people want to paint sidewalk tiles or jigsaw with obstacles, we are open to it.’

By Lucia Grijpink