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gepubliceerd : 19 May 2015

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In Dutch, we tend to say that there’s nothing above Groningen, literally and figuratively. And it is true! Groningen is the city that always finishes on top in several rankings. And we’re not only talking about football ­ football club FC Groningen won the KNVB cup ­ but Groningen can also be found in the top of many rankings which illustrate the city’s greatness, education and the student population that gives the city its beauty. Take a look at the following rankings:

Nr. 1 Shopping street

In 2015, the Folkingestraat in Groningen has been chosen as the most fun shopping street in the Netherlands. The title was recently awarded by NL Street Awards. The Folkingestraat also draw the winning ticket in 2010, when Ariola, with its Italian delicacies, got chosen as best shop of the Netherlands. The Folkingestraat distinguishes itself by its unique mix of shops. You will find fashion, antique, jewelery and peculiar bars and restaurants in this marvellous street. But do look out for accidents, because the sidewalk is hard to distinguish from the street.

Nr. 1 Club for the International Pop Underground

Deadline.nl has picked Vera Groningen as the best poppodium of the Netherlands! The website took the price of beer into account, as well as the programme, but above all the atmosphere. For decades Vera has been offering a podium for beginning and established bands. The club began as a student association, but nowadays multiple topbands have already performed for the Groningers: U2Sonic YouthNirvana and The White Stripes. You should definitely visit their beautiful location!

Nr. 1 Student population

Groningen has the highest percentage of all the student cities in the Netherlands. In total, Groningen has approximately 55.000 students. 30.000 study at the RUG and 25.000 at the Hanzehogeschool. And of the 197.823 inhabitants, 30.000 are students. Because of the enormous student population, practically the whole city is designed for students. For example, there are no closing times in the local pubs and clubs. Rumour has it that Groningen has also got the coolest student society, but that has not scientifcially been proven. But Groningen has beaten Utrecht in the Facebook battle ‘Who’s got the best student city?’ The battle was decided during the introduction weeks of both student cities.

Nr. 1 Cupfighter

Groningen’s footballclub FC Groningen has won the national cup. The FC won from PEC Zwolle in the final with a smashing 2­0 victory. After the win, the Grote Markt exploded out of joy. It is great to be the best. See how the people from Groningen enjoyed just that:

Nr. 1 Eierbal

One of Groningen’s delights is the ‘eierbal’, or ‘eggball’. Its a typical snack from Groningen and it is simply made out of cooked egg and ragout. De ball gets breaded before it is fried. You should definitely try one at the snack automats you find at the Grote Markt or Peperstraat.

Nr. 1 Bicycle city

In Groningen, the cyclist is king: the whole city centre is divided in four auto-­unfriendly zones. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation!

And take a look at an American biking in Groningen for the first time in his life.

Nr. 1 Education

Both the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen are top quality institutions. According to Elsevier, ‘the Hanze’ is known as the Best Hogeschool of the North. Their research was based on the opinion of 200.000 students. Sixteen of their studies are ranked number one in the Netherlands, such as Applied Psychology and Sport Studies.  

The University of Groningen (RUG) is an internationally high ranked university. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the RUG is ranked 82nd of the world. Not bad at all if you take into account that there are approximately 4500 higher education institutions only in Europe!

Nr. 1 Happiest city

In 2013, Groningen was chosen as the happiest city of Europe. The city scored high on greening, trust in fellow inhabitants, health care, public spacing and of course, education. Besides that Groningers are very satisfied with air quality, sport facilities, cultural facilities, safety and the city council. 97 percent of the people in Groningen are happy to live in Groningen. And they should be!

As you can see, there is nothing above Groningen. And that’s the way it should be. As long as we’re on top, everything will be peace and harmony.

By Koos Tervooren