You don’t have a room yet? We have 4 tips to help you out!

You don’t have a room yet? We have 4 tips to help you out!

gepubliceerd : 14 August 2019

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Finding a room in Groningen can be pretty difficult. Lots of question, little offer.  Are you looking for a room in Groningen? We have some last tips for you to find that sweet place you are looking for.


Many students are subletting their room when they leave the city for a while.  Perfect for you as a student!  you can take your time to find a place for yourself. You also don't have to spend a lot of money on furniture right away.

International housings

There are different organizations that provide housing for international students. You are easily qualified for a place and often you don’t have to buy all furniture yourself  


Knowing people in the city has a lot of benefits in finding a room. Expend your network! Go out, meet people, sign up for an association, etc. You can also expand your network online. Contact locals through Facebook groups or through websites like Couchsurfing. Increasing your network also means increasing the chances of you finding a room.

Alternative areas

Most students are looking for a room in or near the city center. But there are also a lot of rooms outside these areas as well. Look for a place a bit further away. The areas are less popular, which also means that there is less competition.

These are some small tips in helping you finding a room. It can take some time to find that place you love to be living during your student years. Even if you settle down somewhere that doesn’t feel like your home, always remember that you are never bound to a place. Just take your time and look further, you will find that place you love. 

Good luck with the search.