Hit the city

After you’ve done your studying for the day, you’ll of course need some relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a quiet night at the cinema with your friends or a night of drinking away your exam stress, Groningen’s diverse nightlife can offer relief.

Unlike in other cities, the bars have no closing hours, so the party doesn’t end until you leave. The city center is the place to be, with the Grote Markt and Poelestraat as a focal point. With dozens of bars, often with live music, clubs, casinos and even cinemas located within a few blocks, you don’t even have to bring your bike and can walk off your buzz, or take the first bus home after you’ve had breakfast at one of the many kebab places or other night restaurants.

As Groningen is a student city, you can find entertainment for all prices; student discounts are even applied in bars, which means that drinks are cheap and there is no cover fee. At ESN’s International Student Night, beer and soft drinks are only 1 euro, and there are many other places (see “hotspots”) where you’ll find comparable prices.

But even if you want to have an early night to get back to the UB first thing in the morning, you can consider a wide range of options, from theatre to concerts to film. The city’s festivals are the culmination of all these year-round cultural vibes, and show why Groningen is the best place to go out. You’ll quickly understand why it is that even people from outside the province flock to Groningen for a good night out.

Check out this video, which is part of the International Student Guide to Groningen, and is about Groningens' nightlife. Or this one, which is about all the cultural stuff in Groningen!

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