Of course you want to be able to relax and hang out with some friends while living in Groningen. There are many places to do this and charge yourself for another study session. Here are just a few.

Typical student parties are held in many places. Popular student bars are De Negende Cirkel, Het Feest and Shooters. They are characterised by loud pop music pumping out of the speakers, DJ’s yelling in the microphones between songs ‘Are you in for a party Groningen!?’ and enthusiastic personnel serving drinks on the beat. Much larger, a bit of the same style but more of a dance club is the Kokomo Beach Club. This club offers student nights with cheap beer, but also organises vibrant dance parties.

More middle of the road is De Drie Gezusters. It is suitable for almost everyone because it has 20 different bars within the same building, making it the largest bar in Europe. There’s a cocktail bar for your Mojito and Long Island Ice Tea’s , an après-ski bar for that special winter vibe and even an Ice Bar entirely made out of ice. 

There are also many places where artists take the stage. The Vera ‘Club for the international pop underground’ features several of them every week, as well as Simplon. Many big names played here when they were still unknown to the masses. Once they draw larger crowds they’ll play in De Oosterpoort which has large concert halls. More intimate music is played in De Spieghel, a Jazz bar where often live bands play in the background.

Like to hang out in a modern ambience? The &ZO and Het Newscafé are very stylish. The former is a club with comfortable lounge areas to combine dancing with relaxation, while the latter serves food and drinks during the day and transforms the former bomb shelter of the town hall beneath it to a club at night.


It’s not all party hardy, there are plenty of bars to spend quality time conversing. Sometimes you just like to catch up with some friends, or relax after a long day in the library. For enjoyment of special beers visit Belgian café De Pintelier, they have the largest collection of different beers in Groningen and its very close to the Academy building. Or you could settle down in De Wolthoorn where the personnel will still address you with ‘sir’ or ‘madam’. Often there’s no music being played, making it a lovely place if you don’t want too much noise around you.

These places are great if you want to meet a lot of Dutch people, but if you’d like to spend some time with other international students, visit the international student nights organised by ESN-Groningen. These nights in 'De Drie Gezusters' have a pleasant mix of international students with some Dutch around. If you’d like to meet some (English speaking) foreigners any night of the week try the O'Ceallaigh or O’Malleys. You’ve guessed it, they are the local Irish pubs.

This is just to give an impression, there are many, many more fun places to go out in Groningen.

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