So many people, so many tastes, Groningen has a place for everyone. Since there are 50.000 students following a programme here, there are many restaurants which serve great meals for a small price.. We’ll familiarise you with a few categories.

The first category is: bars that pretend to be restaurants during dinner time (In Dutch called Eetcafe). Good examples of these are De Eerste Kamer and Het Pakhuis. They serve a few dishes and usually have a dish of the day served at a low price. Although they may not be as fancy as most full-time restaurants, they have made some effort to make the place look comfortable. And after dinner when the tables are removed you can continue your night at the bar - now isn’t that convenient?

Fancy a quick bite? Our second category features places which are considered fast-food restaurants. There are plenty of them where you can get shoarma and döner kebab. Just like in many other western countries this foreign food has become part of the local cuisine. Many students go for a ‘lekker broodje’ kebab after going out. But if you want truly local quick food visit one of the ‘snackbars’ where you can get French fries, burgers and many more. Though it’s usually considered fast food, Pappa Joe has taken it to the next level: from burgers with Jalapeños and quacuamole to pesto, mozzarella and cheese.

The places in the third category to be singled out are some of the more luxurious restaurants which also serve cheaper dishes. This to make sure students visit them regularly too. Like Het Heerenhuis which has a menu ranging from a student’s budget to a businessman (or anyone having a daily job), or the Humphrey’s, which serves a three-course menu at a standard price. Since going out for dinner is not always just done to satisfy your hunger, sometimes it’s for a special occasion, making this category essential.

The last category features your regular restaurant with an Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian or French cuisine; the Dutch have become extremely spoiled when it comes to foreign food. We used to eat only cabbage and potatoes in the old days. Good thing though for foreigners visiting Groningen, there’s one which is destined to become your favourite, for sure!

Don’t want to cook or go out at all? There are also plenty of take-out and delivery restaurants in Groningen.

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