Help With Social Services

Do you have a question about living in the Netherlands as taxes and insurances? Then you can contact a WIJ team near you. These 11 teams are available for all residents of the city of Groningen, from young to old. But also if you have a nice idea for the neighborhood or want to become a volunteer, you can always contact the WIJ team near you. The addresses and opening hours can be found on the website of WIJ Groningen.

What you need to do is to select the neighborhood that you live in as for example Lewenborg. Then you select the option to expand all the open hours of the organization. At this page you can see the open hours to visit a practical matter as financial consulting (taxes), or just for a meeting, information and advice hour. Even if your problem is not related to any of those state above, you can still visit and ask for the place where they can give you help. The people working for this organization are friendly, professional and speak English, so go and ask!

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