Learning a new language

As far as learning a foreign language is concerned, opportunities abound in Groningen for both those who want to learn a new language and for those who want to offer their language skills. From the multilingual environment of the city to several language centres and free, weekly chat meetings, Groningen offers various ways to learn new languages.

Talencentrum RUG
Talencentrum RUG” or Language Center RUG is probably the most familiar to the RUG students who want to learn any of the 13 languages for which this institution offers courses. Whether you want to attend the standard courses or prefer to have courses completely tailor-made to your needs, Language Center RUG is an option that you should not miss. Besides, the great news for international RUG students who want to learn Dutch is that the University pays for their courses up to the B1 level. How great is that!? Also, do not forget to check out their Rosetta Stone program if you want to learn a new language independently.

Hanze Language Centre
As for the students of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Hanze Language Centre offers different language courses. With an access to a tool provided by the European Language Portfolio, Hanze language learners are able to measure their language skills and keep track of their learning progress according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Cafe de las Lenguas Groningen
But if you prefer learning a new language in more informal ways, Groningen offers unique opportunities. “Cafe de las Lenguas Groningen” or the Language Cafe is an initiative that supports offline and online language exchanges. No matter what language you speak or want to learn, the language cafe regularly organizes free chat meetings for language aficionados to exchange their language skills with one another in a cozy atmosphere. Follow them on Facebook by searching for @cafedelaslenguas to get updated on their events.

Gezellig Nederlands
More specifically tailored for Dutch learners, Gezellig Nederlands is another initiative that provides an opportunity to learn or improve your Dutch during free-of-charge, weekly conversation meetings. That’s a great opportunity to meet new people in a cozy café and practice your speaking and listening skills with a native Dutch speaker and many other learners over a cup of coffee. Every now and then, group members organize different fun activities, so you might also get to practice your Dutch while trying your luck at a game of bowling!

With the help of their volunteers, this non-profit organization provides different opportunities for those who want to practice their Dutch. You can sign up for a private language mentor, attend their weekly conversation groups with a Dutch instructor, and/or attend their weekly “taalcafe” sessions where you can meet new people, both native speakers and your fellow language learners, and practice Dutch over a cup of coffee. All of these initiatives are free of charge.

Groningen Language Centre
Last but not the least, offering language courses in a variety of languages from Japanese and Danish to Romanian and Frisian, Groningen Language Centre offers a diverse menu of languages for those who have an appetite for learning new languages. Apart from offering language courses and workshops, they offer translation and editing services too. So, if you need to have your CV translated or a university paper proofread, Groningen Language Centre is the name to bear in mind.

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